Experts say woman who told men they were ‘not Canadian’ in viral video was rightfully fired | The Star #j2dw #abpoli #edmonton #work #racism #socialmedia #facebook

I would like to find here #Edmonton #Oilers fans! 🏒 🏒 🏒 It is my favourite #hockey #team in #NHL 😉
So, if you are from Edmonton, write to me!

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You mean there's a difference between what the affluent readers of a lifestyle magazine think is desirable compared to what the broader population wants? Shocking!

I just put the Christmas tree out to the curb and was happy to see it go.

Though it was beautiful to the end and gave one last blast of pine sent while clinging to the door frames as I dragged it out like a bouncer tossing out that guy who had too many cups of holiday cheer.

In Edmonton the trees are collected, mulched and composted.

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Métis artist Destiny Swiderski transforms back alley into award-winning 'connector' #yeg #edmonton #canada

should take note (and I should share this on birdsite, so they'll actually see it, I suppose). If they truly want families downtown, they need to put in regulations to REQUIRE 2 and 3-bedroom units. Developers aren't going to do it on their own.

Since this is a Canadian instance, I'll mention that I'm from () . Here is a non-exhaustive list of things I'm interested in, in hashtag form: