I just put the Christmas tree out to the curb and was happy to see it go.

Though it was beautiful to the end and gave one last blast of pine sent while clinging to the door frames as I dragged it out like a bouncer tossing out that guy who had too many cups of holiday cheer.

In Edmonton the trees are collected, mulched and composted.

#yule #yeg #Edmonton

If you want to watch the municipal election returns, the taproot has an election tracker set up

Also EQ is doing a live blog

The polls just closed on the municipal election in and as far as I know nobody is expecting much to change. At least in my ward (ward 6) the incumbent is expected to win, and many outlets are basically calling the Mayoral election with no votes counted yet.

A small part of me wants some complete rando to come from behind and sweep to victory.

The Impulse+Loop installation in the quarters is pretty cool. You should check it out if you're in this weekend

I just got back from Commedia Burlesco, an improv comedy/burlesque show at El Cortez. It was a lot of fun, you should check it out.

I believe the next show is Nov 9th at El Cortez.

The walking history tour of chinatown was pretty interesting, and afterwards I went for dim sum πŸ˜‹

I went to Puck Bunnies at the Fringe tonight, it was hilarious and wonderful. Exactly as you would expect from Guys in Disguise.

Definitely go see it if you have the chance.

I totally forgot this weekend is a long weekend 😱

What is going on in on Heritage day this year?

The centre air monitoring station is slowly registering higher and higher airborne particulates concentrations (nb: there is a lag) I think the forecast was for the overall air quality index to hit 10 this evening, so basically don't go outside, ever again.

I like the idea of the Air Quality app the government puts out. But I wish it would give more info than just the aqhi. Like its forecasting a health index of 9/10 (so really bad) for tomorrow in and I'd like to know why, what parameters are expected to be high?

I assume particulates because of the forest fires.

Is something on fire near ? It's hazy as heck downtown and it smells faintly of woodsmoke.

MΓ©tis artist Destiny Swiderski transforms back alley into award-winning 'connector' #yeg #edmonton #canada

should take note (and I should share this on birdsite, so they'll actually see it, I suppose). If they truly want families downtown, they need to put in regulations to REQUIRE 2 and 3-bedroom units. Developers aren't going to do it on their own.

I have to say, for all that it has been a slushy hellscape in this easter weekend, it did have the good graces to melt today.

A slushy hellscape + Edmonton commuters...yikes.

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