🇫🇷 Quelqu'un connaît un éditeur ReST qui permet de visualiser le résultat en temps réel, comme le fait Remarkable pour le markdown?

🇬🇧 Does somebody know a ReST editor which allows you to view the result in real time, like Remarkable does for markdown?

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Author: "[Code] Comments are Evil [..] they can be avoided and instead you can focus on doing a better job of naming things."

Reasonable discussion below the article:

user: "what about THESE type of comments?"
author: "oh yea, those are great and indispensable. but i don't consider those comments to be comments."


I've always considered myself an old school hacker, in the creative sense of the word, separated from the others by the void, and the forces of time.

Here, I'll post infrequently about the following topics:


I may also, from time to time, talk about my attempts to recapture some of the spirit of university mainframes.

Mhm, looks like I discovered an undocumented, unbelievable awesome feature in CodiMD 😳

Looks like we have a completely working reveal renderer for live editing your slide shows implemented. It's just not documented how to turn it on.

See the little difference between the editor mode:

Without type slide:

With type slide:

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Chouette, cette bibliothèque Perl a l'air de me permettre de faire ce que l'on cherche pour un script ! Voyons la doc'…
OK, j'ai rien bitté là…
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I've never used #ArchLinux, but I've benefited from their wiki times beyond count.

Thanks ArchLinux users! You folks have great #documentation!

I love help new users! But web dev is tough, so I don't come down too hard on the #gohugo docs. The project is always moving forward, and we have a lot of hidden presumptions: git, server hosting, knowing basic web dev.

It's a moving target, but I'm optimistic. Also, #documentation writers are a thing, yo!

What nobody tells you about documentation,

According to the author, there are 4 kind of documentations: Tutorials, How-to Guides, Explanation, Reference. Each one serving a specific purpose.

Interesting read.


Great post about documentation, which is something important and not easy to get it right.

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A propos de documentation, les vidéos de la conf Write The Docs sont publiées : jetez-y un œil, vous en trouverez forcément une pour vous !


Did you know that the #Fedora community has a Fedora classroom project that provides tutorials and Q&A on a regular basis?

Check out the latest recording about Fedora Documentation:

It's about the new setup and how to write your docs including basics of git and adoc.

And for all who dislike Youtube, the video is published under CC so feel free to re-uploaded it on a Peertube instance of your choice! 👍

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"What did you do the past few years?" "Re-factored Fedora docs."

Yes, they really did :)

Read the #FedoraMagazine article about the changes to the fedora docs system and watch out for the upcoming Fedora Classroom session about writing docs.

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Every day that goes by, I give more and more value to good documentation.

Here is a good summary on how to do it with Python:

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#Documentation is more important than the code. — Apparently most developers think the opposite way.

If you can't supply additional and useful to humans information for your code, in quantity as much or more than the code itself, you probably have only a very vague idea of what you're ever doing. — A monkey, basically.

J'ai rédigé une documentation utilisateur simplifiée de Galette pour Ciné-Asso (20 pages) :

Sous licence CC-0, si ça peut aider quiconque.

La documentation ayant été rédigée spécialement pour Ciné-Asso, il sera nécessaire que vous l'adaptiez à votre usage si vous comptez l'utiliser.

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@Phipe @galette

HTTPS server portion is now alive and is serving the auto-git-fetched documents.

Its able to handle any number of repositories, all tags + master branch in each repository, and each #golang package inside each tag.

Next few days will be spent populating the webpages with the godoc data from the AST and adding basic styling. Yay for auto-generated #documentation!

Later, I will need to add ways to insert custom pages (for tutorials and the like).

Actuellement, il n'y a pas de documentation pour les utilisateur finaux de #PeerTube.

Je lance l'idée d'un pad collaboratif pour arriver à construire cette #documentation rapidement. J'ai fait un premier plan :

Si vous avez un peu de temps, n'hésitez pas à contribuer. Une fois fait, on déplacera cela sur la forge du projet et on pourra traduire en anglais...

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