The hard part about creating open source software is finding people to write the documentation; developers tend to explain their functions with their functions.
(glowBlue() -> makes the object glow blue)

People who do that are rare and in demand, even in corporate scenarios; we searched for one for months. It’s even harder to find people to write docs for FLOSS projects because they can’t always be paid.

On a side note, anyone interested in helping with CodiMD docs? 😁

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Real #GitHubStory:

"Indeed, I have a new feature in <software> for months now, but I don't know how to use it or even what it is… cause… well… documentation… 📜"

Remember: #Documentation is important. If it is missing for a bigger feature either other devs or even users may not be able to even use it. 🤔

Source below for followers of me (I don't want to blame software devs, but I want to provide a source.).#GitHub #sourcecode #codehosting

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Dear sphinx-doc devs;

I know, I've been (still am) that dev who is convinced some missing feature is wrong headed and/or not worth the trouble. On the other hand, when there are multiple user extensions floating around with names like "fixed_only" and "sane_only", maybe it's time to reconsider how the 'only' directive works in sphinx-doc.

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« What nobody tells you about #documentation » ← very good taxonomy on different kind of documentation material in this talk

If you're an application developper and want to build an app on top on #Funkwhale, did you know we maintain an interactive #API #documentation at ?

The most important endpoints are now documented, you can send real requests to our demo server and inspect the responses to have a better understanding of how it works!

You can even use it to interact with your own instance ;)

Hey do you know #xml and/or Publican, write in [mostly] proper English, and live in #Linux?

If you do, there's a job waiting for you as a technical editor. Let me know if you apply and I'll officially refer you.

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Sooo, what are the prettiest online docs that you know and like? I'm partial to the style of the stripe/slack docs, but I'd like to see what other people like! #documentation

@.@ Just read the Signal changeset for the URL previews:

Wonderful how they ehhh not document their source code. There are exactly 7 comments in the entire changeset of more than 2600 lines of code. ~2000 of them are added.

I'm not sure that's a good sign…

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Bonjour chez vous,

Mais mais je découvre qu'il existe une appli pour avoir des vidéos de ce qu'on fait dans un terminal de manière correct !

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🇫🇷 Quelqu'un connaît un éditeur ReST qui permet de visualiser le résultat en temps réel, comme le fait Remarkable pour le markdown?

🇬🇧 Does somebody know a ReST editor which allows you to view the result in real time, like Remarkable does for markdown?

#ReST #Documentation

Author: "[Code] Comments are Evil [..] they can be avoided and instead you can focus on doing a better job of naming things."

Reasonable discussion below the article:

user: "what about THESE type of comments?"
author: "oh yea, those are great and indispensable. but i don't consider those comments to be comments."


I've always considered myself an old school hacker, in the creative sense of the word, separated from the others by the void, and the forces of time.

Here, I'll post infrequently about the following topics:


I may also, from time to time, talk about my attempts to recapture some of the spirit of university mainframes.

Mhm, looks like I discovered an undocumented, unbelievable awesome feature in CodiMD 😳

Looks like we have a completely working reveal renderer for live editing your slide shows implemented. It's just not documented how to turn it on.

See the little difference between the editor mode:

Without type slide:

With type slide:

#CodiMD #CodiMDStories #hiddenFeatures #documentation

Chouette, cette bibliothèque Perl a l'air de me permettre de faire ce que l'on cherche pour un script ! Voyons la doc'…
OK, j'ai rien bitté là…
#perl #rtfm #documentation #wtf #wth

I've never used #ArchLinux, but I've benefited from their wiki times beyond count.

Thanks ArchLinux users! You folks have great #documentation!

I love help new users! But web dev is tough, so I don't come down too hard on the #gohugo docs. The project is always moving forward, and we have a lot of hidden presumptions: git, server hosting, knowing basic web dev.

It's a moving target, but I'm optimistic. Also, #documentation writers are a thing, yo!