Here are my #dnd themed character adoptables!
- $70 usd per character, via paypal - You receive the high res art (no watermark) & use them as you like! Design credit remains mine but you can change'm once you own!
- Send an email quietsnooze at gmail dot com to claim! #mastoart #dungeonsanddragons

Arcanists: researchers who occasionally get called in to give a lecture.
#dnd thoughts: magic and college

Wizards: Tired but determined. Wears sweatpants to class.

Sorcerers: "Lol yeah-this test was pretty tough I only got a 90%!"

Warlocks: Live on coffee and eats in class but somehow makes friends with the professor. "Wait- we had a test today?"

My Strapping Lads kickstarter is almost to 200% funded, so pledging means you definitely get a book!

There are commission slots still open, and now there's a wooden map token tier! Get a custom dice bag, a character portrait, and more!

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#DnD session summary:

The party managed to a) not die, b) perform surgery on an insane dragon, and c) not die while performing surgery on an insane dragon.

One of my favourite sessions yet. TTRPG is the best.

they were so damned lucky! 5 rounds and only two breath weapon charges, and eventually they were able to calm the dragon enough to perform minor surgery and cut out a crystal that was making the dragon insane. #DnD

The #DnD campaign I'm running set in #Ravnica just had a Krasis vs Krasis fight to get out of a Simic Combine lab! #Kaiju battles ftw!

If you like #dnd and #gay things, I might have the thing for you! Presenting the Strapping Lads, a #dnd5e supplement full of gay NPCs you can use in your own campaigns!

Check it out!

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wow this account is a minute old and it is already time for soulless self promotion. #DnD

Do you want your 5e game to have more terror, religion, and cannibalism?

Do you feel a sense of dread connected to not playing in a setting inspired by the experiences of Arab travelers on the 10th century Volga river?

Does your game need a god of power, mayhem, and weird genders who will give you presents?


In light of a question I posed:

…and with the help and encouragement of the OSRIC community, I am happy to announce the opening of the OSRIC wiki.

There is still some work that needs to be done, but the actual reference data is all there for your gaming usage. The editors of the wiki also hope to add some other goodies. Stay tuned!

#rpg #osr #osric #dnd #ttrpg

Whew! Finally finished up the table of contents of the spells page in the #OSRIC wiki!

It would be nice if people looked it over for errors. Time to take a break and look at it fresh tomorrow.

#OSR #RPG #1e #dnd


Finished this pleasure of a Raistlin commission for recently. Red robes fading to black to signify his turn. I don’t think painting this sculpt will ever get old. Mini is an OOP mini named ‘Sorceror’ by #dragonlance #dnd #DungeonsandDragons


This is really cool, a buddy of mine is starting a gig as a #DnD dungeon-master-for-hire:

I was nagging him for a long time that I wanted to join one his DM sessions, and eventually he included me in one. I had so much fun, I told him he could start charging for these, and looks like he has!

The best part is that he'll also organise groups for other loners like me, which for me would really give me my money's worth.

The next in my collection of our #dnd party as demigods - our tabaxi wizard, Cyan! (Tells Tales Where the Sky is Always Cyan, is I believe his full name, but he's never particularly introduced himself as such). His combat MO is to never actually be touched when on the battlefield thanks to blink, shield, tabaxi speed, etc, but he's also fond of other utility spells and the occasional magic missile or lightning bolt.

Finished my Wendigo piece and he's now listed on Etsy! :D

I'm going to my last convention of the year this weekend, so if you're interested in my art and supporting me, Etsy is a good way to do it!
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