It definitely doesn't hurt to log into #Diaspora once in a while.

See this post regarding how #Facebook tracks your data on #android, with or without the facebook app, with or without a facebook account, with or without your consent.

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Dennis Schubert, who is a #Diaspora dev I think, wrote a followup to their critique of #ActivityPub

I agree with the points about ActivityPub being underspecified. The #Pleroma devs have been pretty vocal about the fact that AP doesn’t fully specify behavior and the problems it causes. Devs shouldn’t have to defer to other implementations to successfully federate. Maybe once Pleroma hits 1.0, #LitePub can be a solution for that.

But I disagree with the user expectations points. A federated social network won’t and shouldn’t have consistent UI. There are different types of projects with different focuses. So implementations have to account for those differences. Not every project is going to be an all-in-one FB replacement like Diaspora and there should be room for that.

Overall, I think AP has issues and is overhyped, but it’s here. It’s led to the largest federated network with a multitude of projects, so it’s the base we should iterate on.

What's the situation with diaspora* these days? I suppose I should hashtag it, so it's searchable: #diaspora

Over the last year #diaspora grew: (
* 198 servers (Apr 2017) -> 289 servers (now / Compared to Mastodon, insignificant. However, if diaspora was included into 2018 report (, it could be #4 ranged by total servers only (+91).

🧐 Here's an update of their upcoming features: discourse.diasporafoundation.o

[Yes, ActivityPub issue is still open]

#diaspora was my entry point into federated world. I met some fantastic folks there and took basic "interwebz sane alternative tools 101" crash course.

One doesn't simply forget one's teachers. 🐾

Por qué #Diaspora no tiene apps decentes para móviles?

Menuda mierda no?

querida comunidad, alguien tiene el código o le apetece crearlo, de un contador de donaciones? Estamos pensando en algo como lo que tiene #diaspora ( que por cierto tenemos que donar como comunidad que están de recaudación) para poder hacer público como va la recaudación de los servicios del Binario. Es porque vamos ha empezar la campaña para el 2019 y molaría

I just deployed Countly ( #analytics on 3 web sites I run. (My blog, my #diaspora pod, and my #overwatch team web site). Interested to see whether anyone actually uses these web sites. Installation is straightforward. Not simple but it works. I’m learning so much more about front-end dev than I ever knew.

@sean maybe the solution is to come at the problem sideways and start talking to podmins about it? If a significant number of podmins were willing to move to an AP-compatible soft fork of Diaspora or install an AP plug-in, a team could be formed to do the create it. Then all podmins would have the option to connect to the #fediverse, regardless of what the #Diaspora devs themselves think about it.

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@sean After reading that issue on github I've decided to close my #diaspora pod because now is clear that it could remain isolated from #ActivityPub is already stopped.

The stance by some of the #Diaspora core devs over #ActivityPub is quite honestly disappointing, and kind of perpetuates everything that depresses me over that project.

There are many valid criticisms to be had, but Diaspora in general has done fuck-all to support federation with other platforms, forcing those systems to conform to its own protocol instead.

The do-nothing attitude of their devs is particularly infuriating because their pushback arguments fall flat when compared against other projects. Friendica put the effort in, as did Hubzilla and Osada. None of them have "perfect" implementations by any means, but people within those projects have nevertheless made some kind of effort.

Sur facebook, à force que je parle de Diaspora et Mastodon, on me pose des questions.

Je me suis essayée à un article sur le sujet, en tant que non informaticienne et à destination des non informaticiens, un peu comme "le réseau social libre et décentralisé expliqué à ma grand-mère".

Toute remarque bienvenue!

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BTW, most of my #Diaspora contacts have January 1st as their birthday in their profiles, so JD is bombarding my inbox with “[contact name] has their birthday today”.

Stoked about getting the first post into a "real" #diaspora pod via the API. Lots of testing to come but still happy about it. Check out this two part write-up for details. (Link is to part one).