One of the most annoying things that the JD (JoinDiaspora) #Diaspora pod started doing this year: "So-and-so has their birthday today" ... I was of the impression that limiting the exposure of such personal data was part of what the project was all about. I sincerely doubt that most of my contacts intended for me to be notified of their birthdays when they signed up (years ago).

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@Liberty4Masses So, what would you consider a viable alternative to #Facebook?

The #Diaspora social network is interesting in theory, but in practice:

1. The place is crickets. There has been an uptick on the network recently though.
2. It is not tied into the rest of the fediverse. Major downside.
3. The UI is 10 years out of date relative current FB standards.

@charlyok @lei @galipescDesde puedes conectar con cualquiera que use #activitypub incluido #peertube, se conecta con #rss, con #diaspora, con ostatus (#gnusocial), con hubzilla mismo (zot), con #friendica (y faltan las que no sabemos)... puede ser entendida como un puente entre el "macro" blogging abierto y el "micro".

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"Hệ sinh thái" sử dụng giao thức #ActivityPub:
✒️ #Mastodon: Mạng tiểu blog, tuong tự và có thể thay thế Twitter.
📷 #PixelFed: Mạng chia sẻ ảnh như Instagram, đang khá mới.
📽️ #Peertube: Chia sẽ và lưu trữ video. Có thể thay thế Youtube.
📕 #diaspora*/#Friendica: Có thể thay thế cho Facebook hay Google+, phương tiện chia sẽ tin dài hơn.
📚 #Plume/ Mạng/dịch vụ viết blog, đang ở giai đoạn đang phát triển.Thiết kế đơn giản, thậm chí tối giản.
Tạm thời chừng này đã. Hết chữ🤣 🤣 🤣

Hej folks, this is my #introduction:
Right now I m trying out several networks on the #federation, also #diaspora, #friendica.
Just taking a look around, lets see what might happen...
#anarchism #acitivism #punkrock #veganism #seitanismus #flensburg

+ de 50 000 comptes ouverts sur #framasphere ( #pod de #Diaspora)
👍 👏

The more I go to #Diaspora, the less I like it. Not because of the software but because of the people filling it with absurd conspiracies and pseudoscience.

This is probably one of the so little times I say this kind of things but GO FUCK YOURSELVES, NO ONE LIKES YOU. STOP THE BULLSHIT, FOR FUCK SAKE.

Thank you for your comprehension 😊

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Origami impresionante

I'm suddenly seeing a significant uptick in content on #diaspora. Suddenly, I'm getting likes and comments out of nowhere.

I'm not sure what's driving this. #deletefacebook?

@bjoern And (b): I've been a day-one #diaspora user back then when the platform was published to be "the Facebook killer". What happend to date is that at times #diaspora feels completely dead. There's a constant yet small crowd, there's still no usable mobile experience, people mostly seem to have moved on. Communication-wise, this is a bad thing. Right now, diving into "alternative" social networks is very likely to leave one end up messing around with protocols, instances and ...


Parece que la etiqueta #nsfw es la mitad de la parte del "fediverso" de #Diaspora...

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Graphic: The relentless rise of carbon dioxide – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Muy buenos días jóvenes, hoy comenzamos el lunes con mi nuevo podcast, espero que os guste. 😎😎😎
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