Cuando Facebook te lleva a la carcel por haber denunciado los acuerdos migratorios firmados entre la UE y Marruecos. 

"I’m joining #Facebook to build bridges between #politics and #tech" | #NickClegg | Opinion | The Guardian

Yes, of course you are, Nick, as you have no record in either sector.


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Tech writers are slowly coming to a consensus: the best solution to #data scandals is to leave the platforms that enable them.

What do you do after that? Use decentralized platforms, like #FreedomBox!

New York Times writer explains how to #DeleteFacebook & Instagram:

Wir diskutieren gerade über Werbung in Social Media... ich sehe hier nichts 😎👍🏼

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i used "Report a Problem" to try to find out what this 'suspicious' activity on my account prompted this. let's see what they say.


The amount of times Facebook "wants to make sure my account is secure" is ridiculous.

I guess people using Linux, Firefox, who only post about FB security breaches and Mastodon, who don't add any friends, who refuse to download their app or Messenger, block all their cookies and ads are SUUUUPER suspicious.

ugh. will just let them delete this account as well. i'll just make a fresh one every few months to sell some books.


See what I'm really sharing these days. Join me on MeWe - the social network with privacy! #mewe #not4sale #DeleteFacebook

Bad news, Facebook is growing again and again...

Let´s ditch Facebook together :facebook:

Join the pad, help is required 💪
(No registration, all can write):

#CommunityPower for a open internet. #DeleteFacebook 😊

I've finally deactivated my account, and I feel so much better! 🙂

I will probably delete the account completely soon, though it appears they make that difficult.

Para postear en Facebook antes de quitarse el grillete.

Yo ya lo hice ¿y tú?

#DejaFacebook #DeleteFacebook

Los medios de comunicación digitales se están volviendo básicos para el funcionamiento de la sociedad, pero conlleva un gran peligro el hecho de que sean controlados por unos cuantos corporativos. Una sociedad que aspira a ser libre necesita medios de comunicación libres. Apenas nos estamos liberando de la dictadura televisiva pero no nos damos cuenta de que nos estamos poniendo un grillete aún más esclavizante.

#DejaFacebook #DeleteFacebook #FOSS #SoftwareLibre #MediosLibres

@archero Los accionistas no pasaran por caja, es una certitud. #DeleteFacebook

“Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy”

“You could say #Facebook has ‘hostility to privacy‘ as a core value. …Facebook’s response to the #CambridgeAnalytica debacle was to loudly claim it was ‘locking the platform down‘. And try to paint everyone else as the rogue data sucker — to avoid the obvious and awkward fact that its own business functions in much the same way.” #SurveillanceCapitalism #DeleteFacebook #DumbFucks

#facebook est un réseau de #surveillance
✅ ses clients sont des entreprises tiers qui recherchent des profils commerciaux
#facebook collabore avec les services de renseignement (ce qui lui assure une respectabilité institutionnelle)
#facebook ne produit pas un code de qualité : tantôt abusé (cambridge analytica), tantôt piraté