А есть ли среди вас, дорогие френды, любители олдскульных рогаликов? Ну то есть, rogue-like RPG?
Возможно, я слоупочу, но вот этот Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup как-то особенно хорош, учитывая возможность игры в браузере и просмотра чужих приключений:

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Let's play a #roguelike! #DCSS version 0.23 is now available on the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup server at

I've set up a DCSS (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup) server for the tildeverse! It can be reached here: Have fun, and happy dungeon crawling! #dcss #roguelike #linux #foss #tilde #tildeverse

Really wish #dcss were playable on my phone. I mean, there's a version of it, but it's not really playable because of screen size.

just remembered that can be played on the web. signed up for an account on a Montreal server and am getting back into it.

I accidentally lifehacked myself. Running #swaywm instead of normal #gnome, and I can't switch from my usual #colemak layout to qwerty. Which means I can't play #dcss, because I can't adjust to the movement keys. So guess I will do some more housework!

You punish the 27-headed Lernaean hydra, causing immense pain!!!
You kill the 27-headed Lernaean hydra!
Okawaru is honoured by your kill.

#crawl #dcss #roguelike

@bea Roguelikes are universally frustrating. In #dcss I tend to get a character to Lair or a Lair branch after several tries of a particular species/background, and then I YASD, and then I rage-quit for a week or so.

I've got a Demonspawn Venom Mage to 15th level (with lots of non-venom conjurations and Ignite Poison), cleared Lair, and am starting the Lair branches. I'm going to be disappointed when this one dies horribly.

#crawl #dcss

Aannd...lack of sufficient caution (as usual) led to the death of my 9th level Deep Elf Fire Elementalist.

#crawl #dcss

I'm getting a little better with Deep Elf Conjurers, but I have just had two hit XL 10 with some nice stats and equipment, and get mulched. Due to overconfidence? At least I'm getting them that far.

#crawl #dcss #roguelike #gameing

@djsundog I've heard so much about it, but I'm so skeptical of any roguelike that isn't free software. Currently, #dcss is my jam.

I've been playing #dcss a lot during lunch breaks and #pomodoro breaks. Mulched a lot of Human Conjurers last week trying to make a decent hybrid build. Got one through Lair, but died in an ice cave reached from Orc 1. Sad.

Maybe tag and describe your #roguelike adventures.

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