Research group announces they have synthesized antibodies that work against both #SARS-CoV and #SARS-CoV-2 viruses. [www rnz co nz]

#COVID-19 #2019-nCoV #coronavirus

I don't know where I found the link, but I had a tab for it. [nypost com]

Up to 4,000 #COVID-19 patients are being treated with hydroxychloroquine

This is sort of a rushed study, but if it looks good, it may be put into general use as another way to reduce the death toll of #2019-nCoV / #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus disease.

#NJ Governor requesting #COBOL programmers to help with their 40+ year old benefits system (under strain due to #COVID-19 related work closures)

Some people in the UK are burning cell towers because of a rumor that links 5G networks and #COVID-19 #2019-nCoV #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus disease.

total confirmed: 1,196,553
total deaths: 64,606
countries / regions: 181

US confirmed: 308,850
US deaths: 8,407
US recovered: 14,652

1,905 deaths in New York City, another 1173 in the rest of New York State; 179 deaths in Bergen County, New Jersey (which is a pretty small area near NYC), 155 deaths in Essex County, NJ (ditto).

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#CDC study shows that "social distancing" and increased cleanliness / handwashing reduce #COVID-19 infections in "assisted living" and "independent living" senior communities. [www cdc gov]

#2019-nCoV | #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus disease

Young local folks decided to take over a piece of disused government-owned land to start a guerrilla community garden to feed the homeless and others hard hit by this #covid19 crisis, like indigenous folks currently blockading a construction site.
In a couple of days, they managed to set up two huge garden beds. Some of the people working on it have zero savings. It’s called #GrowingForward. This is 100 metres down the road.

In this crisis, some people buy more guns. Others start food #gardens. [www redlandsdailyfacts com]

Dispensary co-owner warned to stop claiming #CBD can cure #COVID-19

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Dispensary co-owner warned to stop claiming #CBD can cure #COVID-19 [www redlandsdailyfacts com]
The people whose backyard borders my backyard had a party last night, with guests that I've never seen there before. The reason I noticed is because they were loud for a while, and because their barbecue grill had orange flames shooting up between two and almost three feet high.

I don't know if it was "we're not afraid of #COVID-19, it is just a flu" or something they'd previously scheduled and not thought about cancelling.
Finally they say this?

CDC recommends American wear face coverings in public to stem spread of #coronavirus [www redlandsdailyfacts com]

They should have said this from the beginning. Who knows how many current #COVID-19 infections it could have prevented?

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US Navy removes commander of coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt after scathing letter leaks

Captain Brett Crozier wrote four-page letter asking describing bleak conditions on aircraft carrier and asking for stronger measures to control outbreak

More than 100 crew members have tested positive so far [scmp com | south china morning post]

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One of my brothers works in PubHealth. He said that they’ve had to pull their staff off of #HIV / #AIDS prevention to focus on #coronavirus disease prevention.

They’ve got people that were in war-torn African nations during #Ebola outbreaks, where either the disease or the combatants could take one’s life at any time, but they are more frightened about #COVID-19 than either Ebola or #war.
I don’t know where I saw this link ( ), but it is interesting. 26 days until #California’s projected peak of daily #COVID-19 deaths (122/day); 14 days until #USA’s projected peak (2607/day).

#2019-nCoV | #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus disease
Local #polly hospitalized with multiple organ failure ... not confirmed as #COVID-19 yet because the test results have not come back. Relatively young, too, but on the heavy side.