US #CensusBureau "Pulse" survey:

* 55.0% of US !smallbiz did not furlough or lay off any paid employees after 2020-03-13

* 44.5% have experienced a moderate negative effect from the #COVID-19 pandemic

* 43.9% believe that more than 6 months will pass before business returns to normal

* 48.2% of US retail trade businesses experienced domestic supplier delays in the past week.

Very preliminary, but Eli Lily Corp announces promising monoclonalantibody treatment for #COVID-19 [www accuweather com]

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There's a rumor going around that #CDC and #FDA expect a #SARS-CoV-2 / #COVID-19 vaccine to hit the field in late October or early November.

As far as I am aware (one of my brothers works in public health), this is not true or at cannot be verified. [www150 statcan gc ca]

#Canada’s estimated population is about 1/9 of the #USA’s ( nearly 38M vs 330M ). #COVID-19 related deaths affecting population numbers
Oh, that's rough. I saw an article recently that said that #France has had a surge of #COVID-19 cases recently, too. I guess there is no chance that they'll ease the restrictions quickly.

One of my brothers works (worked?) for a company that provides services to hotels. Since the on-site convention business is almost gone, the hotels have no customers, so his $EMPLOYER has been shut down since March.
AccuWeather: #COVID-19 cases surging in #France. #Brazil reopens beaches. IOC and #Japan announce that the Summer Olympics will happen in 2021 "at any cost".

♲ Más de 60 instancias policíacas fueron quemadas en Colombia tras nuevo asesinato

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> Should the virus survive into the intestine, there is no pathway that will carry it to the lungs.

This was in May. Now we know that the intestines can also be involved in #COVID-19 infections ... there have been several links posted about virus detection in sewage samples, for example.


Obvious interference by someone other than the public health folks. If we're going to slow and stop the spread of #COVID-19, we need _more_ testing, not less, and we need to re-test people that have already been tested before, because infected / not-infected is a point-in-time state, not a lifetime state.
US #FDA authorizes "convalescent plasma" as treatment for #COVID-19 [www npr org] [www npr org]

This was another treatment that I first heard about being used in China and South Korea. [www npr org]

53 #COVID-19 cases (including 13 secondary and 10 tertiary) traced to Maine wedding reception. At least one person died. Ages range from 4 to 98.

Source: [www discovermagazine com]

Cloth masks do protect the wearer. Breathing in less #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus means you get less sick.

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En este artículo reproducimos otro de Javier Sepúlveda sobre #privacidad y libertad en las herramientas de #comunicación remota para #estudiantes y #profesorado, debido al #COVID19. El documento fue publicado en el sitio web del Proyecto GNU hace unas semanas. Nos ha parecido muy interesante traerlo al frente de nuevo, ahora que se está debatiendo en la sociedad española, y seguro que en muchos otros países, la forma de organizar el próximo curso lectivo mientras se ponen en pie medidas sanitarias que mantengan a salvo a la población estudiantil.

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