Ever wonder why wearing a mask is so important? #COVID-19

Also partly explains why more older people die. Even if the disease itself doesn't kill them, "ventilation" may.
Now talking to someone from Cockroach Labs about distributed #SQL databases and the current inflection point caused by #COVID-19 related "work from home". #CockroachDB

US #Census: Adults in households with children more likely to report loss of employment income during #COVID-19 (55%, which is higher than the overall rate)
Which states’ rates of #COVID-19 infection are still increasing? [www popsci com]

Some states still have not passed the peak of the first wave of infections, yet they are opening up while other states have declining case counts and are proceeding cautiously on reopening.
No known animal host and almost perfect human adaption ... Australian scientist believes #SARS-CoV-2 may be product of Wuhan lab. [www dailymail co uk]

#COVID-19 | #2019-nCoV | #coronavirus disease 2019
One brother works in public health. Another brother was furloughed due to #COVID-19 restrictions and is very eager to return to work. Every now and then, I catch part of their back and forth over the lockdowns.

As for me, I don't desire to go back to my current employer and its overcrowded buildings, but I'd be happy to replace them with a different employer (where reasonable actions to safeguard oneself against #SARS-CoV-2 are accepted).
@geniusmusing Indeed. I greatly prefer bottles and jars unless I’m eating in the car as I travel somewhere. For one thing, it is hard to get the number of packets needed for your preferred flavor balance without having extras that get thrown away. (Especially now, when the person with the excess packets may have an asymptomatic or presymtomatic but still contagious #COVID-19 infection.)

I’m also noticing that a lot of packets are made with individual layers of multiple materials ... they are not recyclable at all.
False negatives and false positives are a problem when testing for diseases like #COVID-19. [www forbes com]

#2019-nCoV | #SARS-CoV-2 | #coronavirus disease 2019
US #CDC says contact with surfaces is less likely to transmit #COVID-19 than previously thought. Suggests that people still need to maintain adequate physical separation between themselves and others to avoid the #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus that causes #2019-nCoV. [longisland news12 com] [www bloomberg com]

Areas near meat processing plants seeing twice the growth rate in confirmed #COVID-19 infections as the rest of the nation. Industry says more testing is the reason, but 58% of one plant’s workforce was infected, while it is estimated * around 4% for places like California’s major urban areas.

* two studies, based on community testing
I'm expecting my county's #CoVID-19 infection rate to increase now that masks are "encouraged but not required". [www wired com]

Why meatpacking plants have become #COVID-19 hot spots ... and why most businesses will need to make some rather difficult changes in a #coronavirus world. #2019-nCoV

> Being forced to undergo lockdown when their region saw a scant handful of cases, just because some nightmare bugman city got hit hard

And thanks to masses of protesters in close quarters and without protection, those regions are starting to see some growth in cases.

We all know that we can't keep things completely shut down for the 2-3 years minimum it will take to get complete control over the virus' spread, but if the protesters cannot even figure out how to minimize spreading #COVID-19 at their rallies, it will be a long, rough slog for us.

They're not making a good case that we're anywhere near ready for opening up when their behavior shows the very opposite. Show behaviors that slow the spread even without being locked in one's home and other people will see that they can trust other people to act in ways that minimize damage to their own health.
Physical Education teachers' emails are the saddest looking in this period of extended remote learning. #COVID19

More than 27 000 people died in Spain of , but testing indicates that only 5% of the population was infected.

(Infection fatality rate: 1.15%)

Covid-19 antibodies: Spanish study has a scary takeaway about coronavirus immunity - Vox