By the way, I told one of my brothers (works in public health) that I had burnt out on reading summaries of medical studies about #coronavirus and vaccines and treatments. He said he has to read some of it, but anything he can avoid reading, he avoids.

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A friend shared that his GF was possibly exposed to #COVID-19 at work, but her $EMPLOYER is requiring her to come to work until she finds out that she is infected.

Me: That employer is _stupid_. In the two weeks or so that she waits to find out whether she has the #coronavirus, she could infect multiple other employees.
Ron Unz ran from Pete Wilson's right, repeatedly blasting him for things like raising taxes and fees during a recession.

With that in mind, I was prepared to read conspiracy theories about how the #coronavirus wasn't real, how it is less deadly than the flu, how the vaccines are absolutely the most dangerous thing every created, and how it is all a plot to replace our freedoms with a communist dictatorship headed by Mark Zuckerberg. I was pleasantly surprised that he's less driven by imaginary conspiracies and more by comparing results.
When did it become standard to refer to strains of the #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus by Greek letter names? Suddenly, I started seeing Delta strain and not seeing names like B.1.1.7. What do they do when they run out of Greek letters?
#sonOne is trying to figure out what they’re going to do about school.

#GD2’s school is still giving them the option of remote learning, but #GD1’s school is not … and not enforcing masking and not upgrading the ventilation system to help remove microbes and viruses. As the younger daughter is too young to be vaccinated, he is not desirous of having the older daughter bring #COVID-19 home and infect her sister.

The disease itself is supposed to be milder with most younger patients, but there are reports of pretty serious post-COVID symptoms among under-10s.

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From April. #COVID-19 variant shows antibody resistance, more severe illness in younger people. #SARS-CoV-2 #2019-nCoV #coronavirus
Unvaccinated people account for almost all #COVID-19 deaths

Hmm. It’s almost like the vaccines provide some protection against the #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus.

According to a new book, #Trump's #COVID-19 infection was much worse than he let on--and his actions may have led others to avoid precautions which may have saved their lives. [www slate com]

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Delta variant doubles #COVID-19 hospitalization risk, but vaccines still effective. [www ctvnews ca]

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Paper examines literature around gain-of-function and zoonotic origin, says there is not enough evidence to decide whether #SARS-CoV-2 ( the #coronavirus that causes #COVID-19 ) became infectious to humans through either method.

#SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus escape from Wuhan lab possible, not fully investigated yet. [www latimes com] I recommend you turn off JS completely on this site.
Newly discovered canine #coronavirus found in human with pneumonia. [livescience com]

Not yet confirmed to
(A) spread from dogs to humans
(B) cause disease in humans
(C) spread from one human to another.
@geniusmusing One thing I have come across a couple of times is that the vaccines are not expected to completely prevent infections, but instead to reduce the severity thereof. Thus, you may become infected (and maybe even pass the #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus to others) despite having taken your shots.

I recently skipped a friend’s wedding reception despite being vaccinated. The reason was because there were some required tasks at work that day, but afterward, I learned that people were maskless and close together (and I only knew a few of the people). I would have been even more uncomfortable than I already am in those situations.
World #coronavirus death toll more than double official estimates [www asiaone com]

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I admit that it does bother me a little when experts are very sure of something that they have no way of knowing. It is okay to say that we do not really know where #SARS-CoV-2 came from and thus do not know how the #COVID-19 outbreak started.

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