WHO to Resume Trials of #Hydroxychloroquine, decides there is no reason not to continue with the trial after "important questions" raised over article claiming increased mortality.

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#San_Bernardino County: 5,501 confirmed cases, 208 deaths;

#Riverside County: 8,155 confirmed cases, 342 deaths;

#Orange_County: 6,574 confirmed cases, 150 deaths;

#San_Diego County: 7,674 confirmed cases, 276 deaths;

#Imperial_County: 1,798 confirmed cases, 29 deaths;

#Inyo_County: 20 confirmed cases, 1 death;

#Kern_County: 2,376 confirmed cases, 39 deaths;

#Ventura_county: 1,164 confirmed cases, 34 deaths;

#Los_Angeles County: 57,118* confirmed cases, 2,443 deaths;

* Los Angeles County stats include cities of Long Beach and Pasadena, but make no mention of the City of Los Angeles

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No known animal host and almost perfect human adaption ... Australian scientist believes #SARS-CoV-2 may be product of Wuhan lab. [www dailymail co uk]

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False negatives and false positives are a problem when testing for diseases like #COVID-19. [www forbes com]

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US #CDC says contact with surfaces is less likely to transmit #COVID-19 than previously thought. Suggests that people still need to maintain adequate physical separation between themselves and others to avoid the #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus that causes #2019-nCoV. [longisland news12 com]

This is a bit of old news, but I’m hoping hard in this study.

It’s no vaccine, but we should get results in June, and the drug has been in production for ages and it’s super cheap to make

We need a bandaid fast, hopefully this is it

I have not insinuated people are idiots. But it is true that their behavior is a danger to themselves and others. I wish it wasn't, because I have family members whose businesses or employers are shut down, so I, too, would like to see the lockdowns end ... when people and business managers show they can get back to work without increasing the spread of #SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus.

Let me say it in a different way: If the protesters want their message to be heard, assemble with space between them, wearing protective gear. Show other people that the protesters are not going to put people's lives in danger if they get their way.

It isn't about MSM. Everybody is carrying a smartphone with a camera and most people have socnet accounts, so the media cannot control the narrative unless protesters' words and behavior give them the tools they need to do so.
"Oh, #coronavirus is no big deal. I don't see why they're doing all this lockdown stuff." *cough, cough*

Three weeks later: This is Jimmy's wife. Today we lost a loving husband, father, and friend. [www wired com]

Why meatpacking plants have become #COVID-19 hot spots ... and why most businesses will need to make some rather difficult changes in a #coronavirus world. #2019-nCoV
I was in an auto repair shop today. I was the only person in the building that was wearing a face mask. If one or two employees were mask free, I'd know it was their choice. But when 100% of employees are mask free, I suspect it was a management choice to "avoid scaring customers, no matter how many employees get sick as a result".

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This is over a month old, but #Brazil was estimated to have 12X as many #COVID-19 cases as official statistics reported. [www reuters com]

No idea where WorldOMeters gets its data, but these are current graphs for Brazil #coronavirus infections. [www worldometers info]

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Doctor suggests that universal testing for #COVID-19 may not be worth the investment.

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BBC: children getting rare Kawasaki like disease from #coronavirus [www bbc com]

This is appearing widely, but I still see people saying "children are not affected by this disease, so send them back to school".

It still seems to be rare, but so is Reye's syndrome, the reason your doctor tells you not to give kids ASA / aspirin before age 13. As most nations still have at least a tenfold increase in cumulative exposure / infections before this disease slows down on its own, even rare symptoms are going to be frequent.
#Brazil has its own idiot-in-chief issues, with President Bolsonaro opposing #COVID-19 lockdown measures and chasing away a 2nd national health minister. [www bbc com]

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