‘#Huawei isn’t a normal business partner for American companies, it’s a front for the Chinese #Communist Party’ – S…

A van from the rather rare Communist Church.

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> I personally trust the
> #Communist Party of #China.
> They proved time
> and time again to have a clear
> vision of what is happening
> and of what to do.

For sure they have a clear vision of what is happening.

But about what to do, they seem at least naive or blind to their own limits and contradictions.

You can't build a #surveillance system like #WeChat, put it in the hands of a elite and hope all will go well... that the elite will eventually give up that #power.

Most media in #Venezuela is owned by special-interest #oligarchs, who spread outrageous, hateful #propaganda. Saw a great Irish #documentary about the 2002 coup, where the majority of TV channels were private, anti-government, hyper #capitalist enterprises openly calling for incintement.

Also, how come there are rich business people in Venezuela who oppose Maduro, when #Maduro is supposedly this big bad #communist who took all their private property away and nationalised it?

Ah well... just another hole in the plot.

#introduction because why not

I'm kit, I've recently re-joined the fediverse after purging all social media accounts

I'm an anarcho-#communist, an environmentalist, a programmer, and probably trans but gender is hard so who fucking knows

I'm indigenous to the continent commonly called #Australia, but do not recognise the sovereignty of the illegal British colonisation of this land.

I'd love to hear insights on politics, tech, gender, sexuality, and guillotining the bourgeois into oblivion

hi there, i'm posting a #introduction because that seems to be how people understand who i am.

my name is molly. i'm 20 years old with predominant interests in the #trans community. i am a #communist with interests in #anime, #games, #politics, and other things. i'm here from the tumblr purge because i just want to see how things work out here.

so far i'm liking it a lot though. feel free to message me and whatnot. i love meeting new people. :patcat: ❤️ :blobaww:

@SaintoftheSun #ff @gazelle #seagazelle #seagazellenew #gazelle #sg #nofilter #blessed #lesbian #communist #waterantelope #teamfollowback wow something similar happened to me check out my story :anidab_right: :anidab_left: :_cards: :big_mood: :blobderp3d: :boost_ok: :annoyingdog: :cat_4: :commie: :cannabis_leaf: :derpyupsidedown: :doggoblob: :derpybw: :guillotine:

#China's #Communist Party preaches Marxist theory, but is now anxious that students are taking it seriously. Here's the latest in the tales of a group of left students I've been following.


Recognizing these as the 4 main forms of political power, it becomes obvious why #communist countries traditionally devolved into dictatorship. Once you knock out the diamonds and hearts (communism tended to target religion as well as merchants), the remaining sources of power were spades and clubs only, a rather uneven match.

The #communist ideology is rooted in laziness, greed, and entitlement. 100%.

And since I’m apparently learning about and tooting various manifestos today, here’s another interesting one I just stumbled onto thanks to @dirtycommo

#Manifesto for #communist #technology use:

Gotta love liberals who give you the most basic easily-debunked anti-#communist lines as if you didn't also grow up liberal, brainwashed into capitalist realism by those exact same lines

Introduction time

I am a #phd student living in #Toronto. I am a #gay, #communist male who likes to play #videogames and #cook. I also enjoy playing flamboyant characters in #DnD and other tabletop RPGs. I am sure there are other things but that is my schtick for now.

#TIL the #poet Muriel Rukeyser took a copywriting job with the Office of Emergency Management in 1943 until she was run out of it by an FBI Investigation. They determined that she was very involved with communists pre-war and said that if she'd changed her mind, she'd surely have made public statements on it. So nope, run her out.

The FOIA of papers and letters regarding that investigation is here

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Is there a Canadian equivalent to the ? It's not the . They're not a movement in any meaningful sense and tend not to do much outside the election cycle. But, hey, if you want to feel like nothing more than a source of donations for a political party, join the NDP! They often send multiple fundraising emails PER DAY.

I sometimes toy with the idea of getting involved with the Party, but they're too much on the fringes to make much meaningful impact at the present.