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What's something good to check out while my regular books are not being published? I'm kind of done with super hero stuff for a little while I think. I used to read Marvel X-Men and Spiderman but got to a point where everything old is new again.

#smbc #comics pointed me to this #solarpunk optimism:

"Lazard’s latest annual Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis (LCOE 12.0) shows a continued decline in the cost of generating electricity from alternative energy technologies, especially utility-scale solar and wind. In some scenarios, alternative energy costs have decreased to the point that they are now at or below the marginal cost of conventional generation."

Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry | 281
Updates resume today (finally!) with the start of Chapter Seven. Time to catch up with Madeline and Severin.
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For #comics it was the Punisher MAX books by Garth Ennis. I totally didn't expect them to be my thing, but my comics club was reading the first volume and I ended up reading the rest of his series. It's dark and violent so probably not to everyone's taste. But I really liked it.

A new By Man & Angels page is up for my patrons over at 💚
Along with a brief explanation as to why I may not be 100% on the ball for a bit (My dad had a heart attack last night)💙💜

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Volken: A young man from Sanctum in northern mountains. After a double case of mistaken identity, and a... slight brush with death, Volken winds up in the rumored region known as the Lostland.

His goal: Find his attacker and open the way back home
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The complexity of this page and holiday business have really slowed me down, but I'm still making progress on page 20 of Pacifica. #comics #webcomic #anthro

Nach dem #35C3 Vortrag über #Amazon haben mich Leute gefragt, ob ich denn #Leseripps habe, wenn ich schon so viele #Bücher kaufe... Zuletzt habe ich tatsächlich eine Comicserie gelesen, und zwar #Transmetropolitan. Es geht grob gesagt um Journalismus in einer abgefuckten Science-Fiction-Zukunft. Politisch hoch interessant, da die Handlung sich auch um die Einschränkung von #Pressefreiheit & Medienmechanismen in der Politik dreht. Empfehlenswert. #Comics #graphicnovel

Cocoon update! This time, Auvergne and Picardie have a nice chat about expectations and other stuff, all in the nice morning sun.
Check out Cocoon here:
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The pilot chapter redraw is a success! I like how this page turned out and I think I can definitely improve on the whole chapter... still undecided if I want to try and do the whole thing tho. It’s a lot of pages and I want to focus on the new stuff.
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Reviewing #BeastAcademy books/online today, by Love the learn-maths-through-#comics concept, and the focus on fun, visually-engaging puzzles/problem-solving.
Of course Cory was there 4 years ahead of us... but we're fast learners! 🙃


#comics and #mastoart folks, does anyone have experience with #Shopify as an online shop platform? Curious about it.

A panel from issue 2 of Corbie. One of my goals for this go-around was to produce much cleaner, simplified art. By the last few pages though, I kinda fell back into aspirations of being Gene Colan, utilising heavy blacks and hatchwork. It seemed to fit the literal and metaphorical darkening of the scene... #mastoart #readcmc #comics