Remember #comics and #writing creators of the Fediverse, there's still time to submit ideas to #TalesFromTheFediverse (idea pitches due by February 28th, actual submissions due by the end of April)! Reply/DM me with your ideas and, as long as it meets my guidelines, I'm more than 99% certain to accept it!

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Radio Silence has updated! 🎢 And here we are again, our truest selves, lost in music's sway 🎸 #webcomic #comics #indiecomics #mastoart

Hey, all, if you're a woman looking for work in #Comics and you have a twitter, today's a good day to join the #visiblewomen tag. They also welcome NB creators!

New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - The Beginning Pt3:

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Just watched the first episode of Doom Patrol and I really liked it. Great cast and production values, it has real potential but I await more episodes since this is only the pilot. Enjoying Brendan Frazer as Robotman particularly! Could be one for a future @unattestedpod methinks #Comics #TV #geek #UnattestedPod

So turns out Dr Ph Martin's concentrated #watercolor is basically The Best.

#wip #comics #mastoart
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So maybe this gets to be one of the first posts to use the #MakingComics hashtag! Why? Because it's about #TalesFromTheFediverse again (I'm so predictable like that, aren't I)!!!

If you make #comics or #writing and want to get your material "published" (in a digital sense of the word), submit your ideas to me by February 28th (the actual work is only due by the end of April)! I'm more than 99% certain to accept it (provided that it meets the guidelines)!

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Hello, campers!

After much discussion, I think the hashtag I'm going to recommend for talking about comics stuff, whether it's WIPs, scripts, story ideas, thumbnails, panel compositions, dialogue balloons, pacing, etc. is going to be:


Use that hashtag whenever you talk about making your #comics to connect with a wider community of comic and narrative art creators in the :fediverse: Fediverse.

Keep being awesome, campers! β›Ί


A very rough first preview of Corbie issue 3's pencils. This will go through a good few more iterations before it's done.

I'm recording myself drawing this issue, which is taking some getting used to. It's funny how seeing my work via monitor as I draw almost feels like a second set of eyes, and highlights issues I otherwise wouldn't have seen.

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Painting #comics as usual.

I have simple needs πŸ˜‚


The other day, I went to the #comics shop and bought the most recent TBP starring Laura Kinny. I am pretty frustrated that I can't say "of Wolverine" because for some reason, she's X-23 again now? Did they resurrect Logan and give the name back to him? Why would they do this? It seems so pointless and belittling. Bleh.

I decided to keep the newsletter free while I'm feeling out format and frequency.

The few people I gave free paid subs to will still have them when it goes paid. Boosts are appreciated! #comics

Hey folks! Are there any comic writers/crime fiction writers around?
Im looking for some active groups/discords/tandem partners bc I'm alright at being a comic editor but I SUUUCK at writing a script πŸ’ͺπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ ❀
#mastoart #comics #comicscript #writing