The latest anthology by @CloudscapeComic just launched its kickstarter!

'Life Finds a Way, is 180 pages of comics filled with themes of hope, rebirth, and resilience in a post-apocalyptic world, and if there's a more important message in the world today I dont know what it could be!

We were honored to have the chance to contribute a story and would be grateful if you took a look and spread the word!💜🌱

Check it out here:

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#Introduction! Justin Hubbell!

I'm #trans #nonbinary with They/Their pronouns.

I'm the Art Director of Divergent Press. I work as an artist/advocate. My #comics are about #gender and I #love #diversity and #mindful #intersectionality! Trying to live my best Fred Rogers life.

Limited first edition of "In a Word: Trans" will be at the Small Press Expo in September! 2nd edition inbound! Two additional book projects underway.

Sag with ADHD/RSD. I'm a force of nature!

Para el montón de peña a la que le gustan los !comics comparto la excelente novela gráfica de espada y brujería "Bloodstar", del gran Richard Corben sobre un relato de Robert E. Howard. Pasote, en serio, y de los 70

Kickstarter announcement incoming! My Chicago comics friends and I are putting together a new anthology, This Makes Me Sad—featuring my comic Star Sacrifice! I made a little gouache portrait of the protagonist (the comic is black and white, so this is her first appearance in color 🎨). She doesn’t look very sad at all, does she? 🧐 Back our comic to find out why!

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A NYTimes explainer for "What Makes a Red Sky at Night (and at Morning)" by Randall Munroe (XKCD). This is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, "How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems"

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i already posted the first page of this in my intro, but i really like this poem-comic i made so here; definitely one of my fav poems i've ever written.

this is part of an illustrated poetry zine i published early this year, featuring many poems on survival and mental illness and coming out i've written the last few years. check out the full thing! :3

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Hi! I’m Sam! My quick #introduction post. I enjoy doing fan art mostly. I’m trying to branch out into some original stuff though.
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Jon and I are also working on our own series called Handiwork. It is a noir crime drama set in modern day Phoenix, Arizona. Jon is finishing up the art, at which point we will be shopping it out to publishers.

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Call me extinct. I'm enby [they/them], and I've been a full-time illustrator and comic artist for a couple of decades now.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw fanart, furry, and smut sometimes.

Main: @extinct

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Hi there,

My name is Dillon Fields. I am just starting out as a comic book writer, working with a good friend of mine, Jonathan Howard (jhowardpaintings on Instagram).

I will be posting art and updates from the projects I am working on here.

Stay tuned.

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