Shopping at IKEA because it's the only place in Philly I know of that will #recycle discarded #CFL lightbulbs. I disposed of 3 today that had been sitting around for months.

Canadian sports trigger warning

Amazing game as always. Cheering against the Stamps worked... again. #CFL

pretty sure I'm the only one on the fediverse watching the #CFL playoffs.

Wish the #CFL had more weekend afternoon game, seem to be more later in the season. Because of the heat I wonder?

Montreal hosts BC as 3 point underdogs tonight in #CFL action. Looking forward to kickoff!

Hello @JessSloan and @thurloat My name is Eric and I joined Mastodon because It is an open source social media. As requested, here are my likes:
# IT and . I hope we build a rock solid community here.