Local #Alberta provincial government not only starting re-opening with 'Stage 1' on May 15th, but in less than a week there's a bunch of re-openings in what is I guess a Stage 0 which includes, in an act of too-obvious self-satire by the ruling classes, golf courses. #canpol #covid19

I am bilingue:

En fait, si c'est vrai que ne parle pas français suffisamment, on doit se demander pourquoi il n'a pas réussi à l'apprendre pendant ses années en politique.

Direction du PCC: un combat entre progressistes et traditionnels?:

"des progressistes-conservateurs — les rouges — lorsque le parti a fusionné avec l’Alliance canadienne — les bleus"

Non, les bleus et les rouges étaient les deux des factions dans l'ancien part progressiste-conservateur. Qui dirait que Elsie Wayne était progressiste ?

Sean Speer: The key question to ask would-be Conservative party leaders | National Post

"How will you grow the party's base of support?"

Quite correct.

This is almost the opposite of , who ran an incrementalist government, but was perceived as an extreme .

It is frustrating to see portrayed as being on the left of the party. When the split in the 1990s into the , and the old party, the split was principally about Québec and , not about left and right economically or socially. Consequently, those who remained PCs had a wide ideological spectrum; Mr. MacKay, though a Progressive Conservative, was no progressive.

Direction du Parti conservateur: Jean Charest ne sera pas candidat:

If I could change only one thing about the news, I would insist that reports about labour disputes include the most salient fact: current median salary.

‘I’m in’: Peter MacKay announces his entry into Conservative leadership race | National Post

Mr. MacKay has many virtues, but I will oppose him for the leadership.

"He went down the Southern Shore, just outside St. John’s, and there in the very middle of a crowd of very (justly) angry fisherman, gave the word and took their response. I cannot think of any other public man who could show such personal and political courage and integrity as to walk straight into a gathering of those most intensely affected and take their instant reactions, so to speak, on the chin."
in the *National Post*

Former Quebec premier Jean Charest to run for the Conservative leadership | National Post

I will likely support Mr. Charest.

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Jean Charest songe à la direction du Parti conservateur :

@ink_slinger I'd be interested to read PM Trudeau's thoughts about the teachings of his church, particularly where they are in tension with his policies.

Same thing for Mr. Singh; he seems to take his faith seriously, which I respect.

Well, didn't set any hearts on fire during the general election, or during the last leadership race really [0]. His replacement might be better.

But it will be distressing if the media draw the conclusion that a believing cannot win an election in Canada, not even if he promises not to enact his personal beliefs into law.

[0] Thank heavens lost.

Listening to *Ideas* discuss the legacy of , the speakers seem all to take it for granted that things are getting worse for ordinary Canadians. Does anyone have facts to support that view?

I am generally aware of the complaints about crushing student loans, the gig economy, increasing wealth of the 1% etc. in the US context. E.g.,

How does that compare for Canadians?

Was just listening to 's *The House* from early September. PM was asked what he thought about Québec's new secularism (laïcité) law. What did he say? "A government shouldn't be telling anyone what they should or shouldn't wear in a free society."

Yeah, right. Let federal civil servants go to work in their pajamas or bathing suits, see how long they keep their jobs.

If people want to win debates, could they please not make absurdly broad claims?

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