Okay, time to listen to true crime podcasts and clean. And then I will set up a #BulletJournal again. For the 15th time in about as many years...

I feel like many people interested in productivity and planning at the moment are looking at quarterly reviews, goals etc.

I feel like... this doesn't fit how I want to live.

I want to organise my life and my work around liturgical and natural seasons.

I haven't figured out yet what that looks like.

Might be an interesting #BulletJournal project.

So one of my biggest issues with my #bulletJournal is that I have a hard time referencing any page but the weekly spread.

Asking myself if I will go back to paper for my #BulletJournal. I’ve tested GoodNote App for 3 month now and I have not come across any real advantage over paper.

Greetings #GooglePlus refugees:
Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: in your #introduction name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.
#coffee #linux #snailmail #gopher #mindhacks #bulletjournal #GPG


This week we are moving across the country, so lots of packing, logistics etc. This is a culmination point of a project I started 2 months ago with the goal of doing #moreBSD development on a daily basis. If someone wanted to sabotage me at this time one would only need to steal my #bulletjournal - I wouldn’t be able to pull all this off without it :D

So for the first time in *coughmumble* I’m actually putting a symptom log/pain log in my #bujo again!

Just finished my #bulletjournal monthly spread for October.

Since I started #bujo it really made a huge difference. In the past two months it helped me plan and execute on a job change and now is a *significant* helper in apartment hunting & moving.

I am one decent diagram drawing tool away from drawing an entity relationship diagram for sections and modules in my #bulletjournal

Hey, that reminds me.

#BulletJournal people: How do you handle β€œsick days” on your #buJo?

Wonder if this’s weird: I showed my mom my #bujo on vacation to show her my Writing Ideas list, and when I looked back, she was flipping through the whole thing.

#BulletJournal #Parents

oh no~ Remembered my #BulletJournal, left all 100+ of my awesome #BuJo pens at home.

Quite a long re-introduction post Show more

Sooo, awkward #introductions time. I'm Cal (or Cali, or Morca, or Trollface <- courtesy of my dad).

Professionally I am a #digitalmarketing cog. Personally my social media game sucks.

I #write (#ya #fantasy but no pub creds yet), #paint in #acrylics, enjoy #artjournal and #bulletjournal. I have a #gay #romance #webcomic ( which is my first attempt at #digitalart. I also like #strategy #games

Languages I speak: #english #afrikaans and a tiny bit of #russian

On the upside, I still have my old #BulletJournal, as I am going very slowly about the migration, and thus can use it as a to-do page for today.