Put a page in my #bujo to motivate me to learn #français. I'll put a sticker down each day I work on it. #BulletJournal #Stationery #French

Well worth a go. I started one, but found I just ended up recording it in my #bulletjournal anyway. Can't get enough of looking at old commonplace books, though.

I wanted to try out my new glue pen that I ordered, so I cut apart a catalog and made a wishlist. #bulletjournal

Having to migrate things in #bulletjournal daily made me reluctant in putting in many 'I want to do that someday' stuff in it. This helped me immensely in streamlining the process of identifying things that are actually worth doing in the near future and bring me closer to things I actually want. #GTD was great for getting things done - bullet journalling helps me get the *right* things done.

First monthly #bulletjournal migration behind me. This is so much easier to stick to than #GTD.

Printed out my #Patreon check-off chart for my new #bujo and then realized that I hadn’t left room to tape it in when I *perfectly* sized it to the #BulletJournal page.


I spend a few seconds doodling a flower with a smiley face into my #bulletjournal, so I could check off my "Draw, write, code, or do something else creative" daily on #habitica

I mean wouldn’t that be the perfect thing to border the coloring pages in my #BulletJournal?

This is a pretty good example of me filling space in my #BulletJournal with other things when my actual #bujo planning has not filled the space.

Marking off the pages in my #bujo that I will want to migrate to my next #BulletJournal at the end of the month. Seems like there’s a few more every time I do this.

I've actually been super please with my collection-style page use in this half-year's #bujo. I'm going to run out of pages right on time.

So far for monthly pages I have:

The Goals page (unfilled in)

The calendar page

two blank pages to put in my pain log and… something

Last week’s spread is pretty because I had a day-long training so I made very nice banners (the week before) but it’s empty because I spent the 2nd - 4th sick and the 5th-6th not much better.

#bulletjournal #bujo