I'm trying to become slightly more organized by resurrecting my #X17 #notebook.

I printed some insert booklets (dot-grid with silver #shunga #glitchart covers), cut them to size and now I'm tying to decide how to organize/do the layout inside.

Anybody have any good layouts / designs for small-ish organizers / #bulletjournal trackers?

My pages are 9x14 cm which makes most designs somewhat impractical.

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I haven't posted much art in the past month. But I tend to occasionally scribble something. Or, in this case, tried my hand on drawing hands of yoga mudras in my #BulletJournal - so I get some handy practice out of it :)
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I feel like some kind of #BulletJournal monster, mixing brands like this, but it works.

I am in month 6 of a 6-month #bujo and I am still carrying around the previous one with pages marked to migrate.


@Anke I haven’t gotten very far in this week’s spread...... #BulletJournal

Finally figured out that I could take the Monthly lay-out from the printables I use, print it twice, and use one as a symptom log
#Bujo #BulletJournal

I just discovered a minor drawback to using OneNote to do my #bulletJournalβ€”you can't search for emojis... this is fine if you can take the time to go through each entry, but it's not so good if you're trying to find entries marked with ideas so you can go back and look at them... so far there's no other note-taking app I know of that does organization quite as well as OneNote, so I'll keep using it til I find something similar that can search by emoji. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

I decided I'm gonna start bullet journaling again, but without the calendar elements. I think I need a non-public place to store thoughts and events again, and what better time to start than right now at the beginning of the year?

I use OneNote to journal with some organization and emojis to mark the entry type. I posted how I used to do it ages ago, so if you're curious how I do it digitally, I can fill you in and maybe give some tips!


@barthalion I used todoist before and I went into more detail about bullet journals on here -> and probably more here under #bujo and #bulletjournal

I moved from digital/mixed to fully bullet journal on an A5 (Leuchtturm1917) notepad. That said a bujo is not an archive for looking things up. For that I have a synced folder with an alphabetical hierarchy of notes & stuff I keep for lookup but those are never tasks.

If you're wondering how my last year went.

- I stopped drinking (7 months now)
- I still don't smoke (over 3 years now, don't ever bother keeping the exact date)
- I left web development and work daily on BSD doing C, Shell & PostgreSQL
- Finally moved towns
- Got organized using a #bulletjournal

@Anke Mine doesn't run out until the end of January and I am sort of regreeetttting that.

#bulletJournal #BuJO

things I don't get when it comes to #BulletJournal:

- digital bujo with digital stickers (!!) instead of to-do list/notion/evernote
- gluing printed pages with handwritten font text on it
- putting that much time into writing things like "do laundry" "paint my nails" and calling yourself productive

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How was your #bulletjournal going in 2018? Plans to continue or picking it up in 2019?

Any #bulletjournal expert (or at least talented amateur :P) who could recoment a spread to keep track of a proyect ?, something more visual that only a list

freehanded my #bulletjournal up to date. my new system works much faster and nicer for those days where my brain is too busy for sitting down to journal. now it's time to sleep n then hopefully do all of the things listed for tomorrow πŸ–€