The original offense is rarely as harmful as locking down in fragile defensiveness and refusing to acknowledge, apologize, or make amends. Doing wrong means you are fallible. Denial and silencing tactics make you toxic. #racism #bigotry

Just a Friendly Debate
I have a collection of comics that I visit regularly and once in a while I like to share them here. For instance, here's one about Jesus and Mo celebrating International Women's day in their singular fashion. One source for comics is the Seattle Star, which runs a collection of them every Sunday. That's where I learned about Ampersand, written by Barry Deuts

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Mr Mathieu, does this sound healthy, and acceptable to you?

"Watching [minorities] get pissy because I don't value their subjective non-sense will never not be funny to me.

It's not my fault you don't know what you're talking about. Read a book, champ."

Or would that be a bigoted and prejudice thing to say?

#DoubleStandard #bigotry #prejudice

Such hate and ignorance is incredibly difficult to understand. Why are they going through such lengths to hurt such a small group of vulnerable people -- even those who don't live in their country?

We don't deserve this. No one does.

"Trump administration wants to remove 'gender' from UN human rights documents"


directed by Sam Levinson

Designed to shake the bigot out of you. I am sure you can handle the amount of violence this process requires.

#moviereview #frankfurt #sneakpreview #bigotry

Fat phobia is over y'all <3, its officially normalized! JK, fat folk still aren't allowed in public. Show more

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mastodon has many reasons why it might be worth to give it a try (not just testing for some hours/days ;-)

some are:
- it's #opensource, no hidden survailience
- it's made and run by volunteers, proofing there is a life after #capitalism
- it's build on federated protocol, so instead of concurence its drive is collaboration
- every instance can choose how to moderate
this makes it possible to limitate:
#fascism, #sexism, #bigotry, #racism, #homophobia...
and make it a welcomming place instead

I have a #confession to make and I hope it spreads.

Someone has finally explained to me exactly what kind of asshole I want to stop being.

And because it has to do with mob behavior when we're outraged, this video will make just about anyone a better person in less than 20 minutes.

#mobpsychology #mobbehavior #calloutculture #socialmedia #birdsite #sjw #racism #bigotry #JumpingToConclusions #ModernWitchHunting #WeAreAllCointelproNow