Travel question, since it's been a while since I've gone anywhere that required a passport: should I get a money belt solely for the purpose of carrying my password?

I mostly think money belts are ridiculous and unnecessary, but taking an extra precaution with a passport seems wise for those times when you can't just lock it up in a hotel safe.

My almost-10-year-old laptop is finally starting to go on me...past the point that Linux can keep it going, I think.

Now I'm wondering what to replace it with. seem ideal for the kind of fast, low cost device I'm looking for. But I've been making a point of moving away from services over the past few years, so jumping into OS would be rather counter to that.

Ideas for cheap that can run (*buntu) with few or no issues?

I'm thinking about getting one of those cheap-o Amazon Fire tablets, primarily for reading comics and longer form web articles. It's easy enough to add Google Play Services and/or F-Droid, plus a custom launcher, so I wouldn't be trapped in the shitty Amazon ecosystem.

Thoughts? Advice?

On the topic of MEC, does anyone here have experience using a double sleeping bag? My wife and I have always used separate sleeping bags, but I'm curious if a double would be better (or worse, especially if one of us has to get up in the middle of the night).

It'd be better for warmth, I'm sure, but my current sleeping bag is so warm that I'm usually too hot, rather than too cold.

I've been wondering about this a while, and just mentioned it in another thread, so I'm going to : Recommend a compact notebook (Field Notes or Moleskine pocket size) that will fit in a back pocket but is sturdy enough to not get all crumpled and beat up from being constantly sat upon.

For my idea I talked about a while ago, I can't decide if I should write it all myself or ask for submissions. And, if I take submissions, how do I know what's fair to pay people for their work?

#askthefediverse what do you think blockchains are good for?

When do you consider them appropriate? Are they a fundamentally inaccessible tool of the silicon valley elite, a shining equitable path to liberal communism, both, neither, or something in between?