#AskMastodon Do people have any favorite domain hosts they can recommend? I want to make a business site with reasonable security. Looking at you, 💋

Please give a boost if possible!

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Ok, I get that I can see the public timeline for my mastdon instance, or the federated timeline for all instances. But what about the public timeline for *another* instance, so I can see what's going on there? Do I just have to have that instance's homepage open separately? #AskMastodon

so...@kara has asked this question three times now on Twitter and gotten not a breath of response, so I thought maybe I'd try here instead.

(a) what is the easiest way to write a Twitter bot? has it been made painless? (and can I do it without touching Python)

(b) is there any _point_ in writing a Twitter bot? is Twitter killing them off?

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OK I'm trying to get hold of something that I'm pretty sure I saw as a kid and want to watch again, but I think _might_ be almost impossible to get hold of now

I'd like to get a recording of a particular TV broadcast of "La Boheme" from 1982

stars Luciano Paravotti as Rodolfo, Leila Guimarães as Mimi


I'm planning to start hosting my website and stuff on my own server. Not a physical server, but like a subscription service for a server where I can host my own website and maybe set up a cloud among other things.

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Does anyone know how or if I can have a picarto streamer in my RSS feed?

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how can I use Tumblr without actually having to deal with Tumblr's shambolic UX

is there a Tumblr API? can one write a Tumblr client so that you don't actually have to touch Tumblr directly

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Does anyone know of large or well-know organizations that run their own #Mastodon instance?

I'm trying to compile a list. #OrgsOnMastodon


My almost-10-year-old laptop is finally starting to go on me...past the point that Linux can keep it going, I think.

Now I'm wondering what to replace it with. seem ideal for the kind of fast, low cost device I'm looking for. But I've been making a point of moving away from services over the past few years, so jumping into OS would be rather counter to that.

Ideas for cheap that can run (*buntu) with few or no issues?

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has anyone made a utility, similar to those that exist for Twitter, for screening followers to see whom you haven't followed back, and screens those whom you follow to see who isn't following you? it'd be really useful since there doesn't seem to be _any_ way to find that out without laborious hand-checking.

What are some examples of extremely common technologies that are actually a bit shit when you think about it? #askmastodon

isn't there some site or service out there specializing in job placement into work that's specifically _from home_

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i want to send a friend some printed photos (from files). anybody have opinions on a service in the US that a) does decent quality, and b) won't relentlessly spam the shit out of anyone who ever interacts with them?

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Best noise-cancelling headphones currently? I need the most isolation from annoying crying kids etc. on public transport. Any recommendations or are the QC35 the way to go? Cost is a secondary concern 😉
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Hey Londoners! I am travelling solo to #England in the next couple of weeks and I'll spend most of my time in #London.
Do you have any suggestions for stuff to do that may not be in the usual city guides, such as:
• ongoing exhibitions
• shows and public lectures
• meetups and gatherings
• social dinners
• quirky shops
• unusual food to eat
Bonus points for things to do during or after dinner!
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any people here? Is there a way to add subdomains? #askmastodon

I like being able to pin tags on mastodon. Just wish I could have multiple tags included per pinned column, e.g., results for both #askmastodon and #mastodon in the same column, instead of two separate columns for #askmastodon and #mastodon.

so i keep seeing people talk about alternative interfaces for mastodon, how does one get them, or is it just part of customized instances?

and if its the former, what options are out there?

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so, if you want dirt-cheap printing or duplication of a document, like, bottom of the barrel, how would you go about doing it?