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I would like to research the use of nanoparticles made from non-precious materials (so, not gold or palladium or anything of that sort) in chemical analysis, by the means that I've been talking about in previous toots, by attaching molecules to the nanoparticle surface that are capable of selective binding of ligands

Google Scholar is _very_ frustrating for any sort of proper research. I don't suppose anyone here has more familiarity with current research?

#AskMastodon Looking for Romantic tragedies (plays, opera, novels, etc.) from any time period. I’m outlining a dialogue-heavy satire about a cat who is turned into a man and must navigate a human dinner party, and am aiming for flowery, archaic language that contrasts with a modern setting.

I’m starting with Shakespeare’s tragedies and will happily watch and/or read any recommendations. Questions welcome. Boosts will be blessed 🖋📚☕️

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any useful tips on how to handle eyestrain? #askmastodon

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I am asking for help with my minecraft resource pack Show more

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So, I've run #Hugo, #Ghost, #Wordpress, #Jekyll, and other #website / #blog platforms before. I've just now heard of #Grav. Anyone have insights/opinions on grav vs. any of the above?

I'm setting it up as I write this, but I'm interested in thoughts/strong opinions.

Is there a primer on home multitrack recording?
What to buy, which software etc?
I'll #askmastodon!

I'm not sure how many people actually used the feature, but regular-Firefox just nuked the Live Bookmarks feed aggregation thing and left me without my main feed reader. Does anyone have recommendations for a separate feed reader software? I'm looking for:

- lightweight enough to leave open in the background on my eight-year-old craptop (VLC playing mp3s is probably a decent benchmark)

- actively maintained and updated, with no present reason to be concerned about maintenance being dropped

- functional on 64-bit Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1

(I'm eyeing Claws Mail - - but I never heard of it before today, so I'm hesitating.)

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I'm working on writing a document about the Tumblr Migration, & another one about how to use Mastodon. I'll post them to my Dreamwidth when they're done, to help people who are moving. Please @ me with any links or trivia that I should include in either!

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so there are 2 WordPress plugins to give blogs an activityPub feed people can subscribe to.

however, neither of them explain what address users would need to enter to follow them.

anyone figure them out?

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#AskMastodon #MastoAdmin Anyone with an instance that uses #SAML and has trouble with logins when using #Safari on Desktop or #iOS?

Please reach out to us. Trying to debug this, but we are stuck.

#Google calendar question: is there anywhere you can just put in a caldav url you have and get those events to show up on Google calendar? #askmastodon

so utterly serious question, now that Tumblr is circling the drain, where should I go for Undertale trashiness #askmastodon #askfediverse

#AskMastodon Anyone knows if there is a way to isolate the "Look Inside" widget that we have on the Mastodon About page? I'm looking for a way to show the latest toots from a particular instance in a "fullscreen" page. Something like #TweetWall but more like #TootWall, if that makes sense.


Hey, the young pirates of Norway are looking for som nice looking creative commons themes for worpress. Maybe people here have some suggestions?

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#askmastodon What is the name for these wooden dog cutouts placed on office campuses to scare geese away? I've been calling them flat dogs or flatbreeds but there's got to be a word for them.

I've asked this once before but gotten no replies. So I am trying again

Is there a general purpose Android app that will transcribe my voicemail for me? My old LG phone came with an app that did this, but the new Moto X4 phone did not, and the Sprint app I had been using does not work with my new phone.

I found a mention of something called "HulloMail" and tentatively tried it but it looks horrible. is there anything GOOD

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#AskMastodon #AskFediverse I'm looking for feedback and suggestions on running multiple accounts on multiples instances. I'm guessing you have multiple accounts it's because they fit different purposes. But I might be wrong.

How do you manage them? Do you follow the same people or maintain 2 very different follow lists? Do you post, x-post or boost the same content on all accounts, sometimes or never? Which tool or functionality are you missing that would ease managing those accounts?