I just started to listen to #podcasts. And I'm looking for a good #podcast player that runs on #android. Bonus points if it's available via @fdroidorg .



Travel question, since it's been a while since I've gone anywhere that required a passport: should I get a money belt solely for the purpose of carrying my password?

I mostly think money belts are ridiculous and unnecessary, but taking an extra precaution with a passport seems wise for those times when you can't just lock it up in a hotel safe.

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so...I do not want to link to Goodreads any more. and Amazon is right out, of course

where should I link people for information about books?

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#askmastodon do you know a website forbidding (not asking, completely forbidding) the access unless you turn off your adblocker. I encountered several but can't recall which ones ?

#mastoquestion connaissez-vous des sites interdisant complètement l'accès si vous ne désactivez pas votre adblocker ? je tombe souvent dessus mais je les oublie car je n'y retourne évidemment jamais. Si vous avez des noms je suis preneur.

Hey, I havent read a webcomic in uhmmm years, anyone has any good to recommend? It can be yours it can be your friend's, it can be one you just like, its all fine 👌
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#AskMastodon, how do you organize your gigabytes of ebooks on your hard drive? Calibre?


#AskMastodon what tools services do you use to detect when your office/servers have suffered a power outage?

Are there any good resources for learning about tarot as a psychological exploration /thereputic/ me dative practice instead of a divination?
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#AskMastodon: Are there Mastodon clients for mobile that actually *show* the text descriptions for images?

I have often found myself not boosting something I liked because I couldn't know whether it had a suitable description or not.

(And yes, now I see that some of my recent boosts had no description at all, my apologies 😔)

so, got an #askmastodon / #askfediverse question of plant identification: who can tell me what this tree is?

Hey yo peeps, anyone got a list of Masto instances that allow more than 500 characters per toot/awoo/boop?


#intersex problem: We're more prone to things like balding than cis women, and I find myself in need of a hair piece. Does anyone have any advice on this they'd care to share? It is VERY difficult to find useful information simply because it's not something anyone wants to talk about. Feel free to DM if you're not comfortable talking about it in a public space. -Katie

so, serious question: is there anyone round the fediverse that knows about "letterboxing"? I don't mean for movies

I'm talking about this thing that I learned about from an ex-friend of mine many years ago where you put hidden boxes in, like, parks or other public locations, with directions about how to get them. sort of like geocaching except not as capitalistic and geek-consumerist

when you find a "letterbox" you stamp the book inside with your custom rubber stamp

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I'm looking for an open source tool/framework for building mobile guided tour apps. Any ideas? #AskMastodon

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#AskMastodon Do people have any favorite domain hosts they can recommend? I want to make a business site with reasonable security. Looking at you, 💋

Please give a boost if possible!

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Ok, I get that I can see the public timeline for my mastdon instance, or the federated timeline for all instances. But what about the public timeline for *another* instance, so I can see what's going on there? Do I just have to have that instance's homepage open separately? #AskMastodon