I've been wondering about this a while, and just mentioned it in another thread, so I'm going to : Recommend a compact notebook (Field Notes or Moleskine pocket size) that will fit in a back pocket but is sturdy enough to not get all crumpled and beat up from being constantly sat upon.

For my idea I talked about a while ago, I can't decide if I should write it all myself or ask for submissions. And, if I take submissions, how do I know what's fair to pay people for their work?

I've seen a few people here and elsewhere talk about zines. I have a basic grasp of what that is, but I'm curious about how y'all have used zines.

What's the format?
What did you write?
How did you distribute?
And not least _why_ did you do it?

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will be traveling without laptop soon with no laptop. I want to upload my encrypted photos to cloud until i get home.

is Boxcryptor pretty good? better solution? can i just encrypt it using termux or something?

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Y'all, I am in dire need for calming music with irregular time signatures...

Can anybody help?

Boosts are very appreciated.

(I know of the list on wikipedia)
Thank you for reading.

#AskMastodon: Does modern text-to-speech software recognize what is written using non-conventional #Unicode alphabetic characters? For example, are they able to read the following words normally?


What does a perfect (online multiplayer) gardening game look like to you? There are no wrong answers.


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Do you know any good #design guidelines for web applications? I'm looking for some alternatives to Material design (which I really like). Boosts appreciated <3 #askMastodon

Any ideas on how to document medium-sized software projects (in #Scala)? I'm not talking about in-code documentation - I have that covered, but about generic #documentation about processes, design decisions, techniques... just some structured general knowledge about the project. As an example, I think I need something like the documentation of Eclipse Scala IDE ( Any experience on this? Opinions on #reStructuredText and Scala? Maybe alternatives? #askmastodon


really silly question: what's the worst "parody" or "spoof" film you've seen that's not a sequel (so no "Scary Movie 6" answers!)

#AskMastodon What is :blobpats: and why is it ableist ?

Need an app recommendation (if t exists)

1) has group chat
2) chat participants can't add people
3) chat participants can't pm other chat group members
4) work on iOS and Android
5) encrypted?


#AskMastodon Any #Canadian expats living as permanent residents in the U.S.? We’re thinking of moving back to #Portland, OR on our own to finish up a BFA, and hopefully work. How difficult would it be to become naturalized?

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technical question...are there mats of material that is smooth but has an _unusually_ high sliding friction or resistance to having objects pushed along the surface? sort of like the sheets of foam-rubbery material you can get to put on the bottom of kitchen drawers, but, like...even more resistant to sliding?

#askmastodon anyone know what's going on with the instance ? Can't access it.

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curious, am I the only one who does witchy stuff at their workplace? seems unlikely

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I would love to hear from folks who have used either of these pls thx

who else aside from Zenni has a decent selection of shitty Chinese eyeglasses #askmastodon

what are people using for RSS these days? I've had a couple suggestions made to me in the past... one called akregator or something like that?

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