> What are you running that had #Bash but was missing #Perl?

This was on my last laptop, which was running #arch (or, well, #antergos I guess)

I'm currently using #void, which also doesn't have perl by default—though, again, I've installed it for a single application. (In this case tlp)

@kaikatsu You don't have to write your final recipe in order to install. A basic installation of #NixOS isn't difficult. Easier than #Arch.

I'm not saying #Arch #Linux is a bad distro or anything but we're in a #patriARCHy and it makes you think, you know

#feminism #malefeminism #women


> I use #arch on ZFS. Used to use Btrfs. Both support boot environments and snapshots. Everytime you update the system you can take a snapshot and setup a boot environment. If the update fails you just boot from the snapshot from you bootloader (ie. Grub, reFind, Systemd-boot, etc)

Yeah, setting up #ZFS is on my to-do list, but hasn't been a priority. Maybe this will inspire me to actually get around to it

Ok, just went through a bit of a right of passage I'd somehow doged until now: my WM hard crashed durring an #arch update, leaving me with an unbootable kernel.

A few hours (and a few boots to a live USB) later, and I'm back in and have restored the damage with no data lost. But it's (another!) wake up call that I need to be better about backing things up (and maybe find a WM that doesn't crash…)

And yes, #guix folks, I know this wouldn't have been an issue with your distro :D

Jajaja presupuesto insuficiente xD, pero algún día se instalará un #Arch o debian Android o algo así y se podrá usar con tu compañía de Mobil local.
Osea un Xfce adaptado para Mobil :blobcatlove: así todo raro
@xbitcarry @fanta @jmanumeza

I'm seriously considering installing #GuixSD on my laptop. How is #Shepherd (the init system it uses)?

I'm curious how it compares to #systemd (which I use now on #arch) and to #runit (because I'm also considering #void)


Put differently, I can't think of any reason that the #arch package repository is more secure than ``.

In either case, a project that I trust manages the security. And if either site were compromised, I'd be in trouble.

Of course, there's something to be said for limiting the number of organizations you trust to the bare minimum

Are you a web developer? What operating system do you mainly use? Please boost this pole to get more accurate results. #Linux #Arch #Debian #Windows #MacOS #webdeveloper #webdev

[ ] Arch or other RPM-based
[ ] Debian-based
[ ] Windows or MacOS
[ ] Other

Descubrir que todavía un domingo #Arch tiene actualizaciones nuevas. Estos son los que no saben o tienen ni menos sufren de relojes.

como dice @Roboron la #wiki de #arch SIEMPRE es el primer lugar a leer <3

@drymer léete la página entera y mira lo que puede ser de aplicación a tu equipo, pues no en todos necesitas aplicar todo eso.

Puede que tambien que la batería de tu pc esté cayendo en picado y poco se pueda hacer.


#Arch is really good. Prolly the best docs available for anyone lifting the hood.

Friends don't let friends run #ewboontew!

#Debian Testing does hiccup here and there, and things tend to get fixed sooner in #Sid than Testing.

As a rolling release distro with very few problems, and also one that does it's very utmost to include upstream the way the devs intended, is #Slackware.

You should give it a whirl: 🍔