Minetest is a free open alternative to Minecraft, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Android:

You can follow the project and make suggestions at:


Minetest has many modes and lots of mods. It supports online multiplayer servers, and there's a particularly well-developed world called Illuna which you can see in this excellent video:

You can follow Illuna at @illunaminetest

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In case you missed it...

If you're looking for a free open alternative to Amazon's Goodreads, there's a project just started called #Readlebee. You can follow them at:


You can help out with feature suggestions and code at:

Readlebee uses a wikidata-based book database maintained by @inventaire which you can contribute to:

#GoodReads #Alternatives #DeleteAmazon #Books #eBooks

📍 On sera demain à la avec les copains de et pour parler d'alternatives aux plateformes capitalistes.

🗣 Viens débattre avec nous !

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Bonjour chez vous !

Je serai à #poitiers lors d'un grand événement sur les initiatives #citoyennes.

Vous pourrez à cette occasion venir découvrir le #livre sur la #campagne présidentielle citoyenne de Charlotte Marchandise auquel j'ai participé.

Sur ce lien, un extrait sur l'#ecofeminisme et la relation au #pouvoir

#politique #alternatives

If you're interested in alternative social networks, you might want to check out Manyverse:

You can follow it at:


It has no servers. Instead, connections happen peer-to-peer with user data stored on the user's own device.

It's still early days and tricky to use, but it's had lots of updates.

If server-based networks become compromised due to bad tech or bad laws, this could be an important "lifeboat".

#Manyverse #Scuttlebutt #Alternatives

Do you like Mastodon, but wish there was a privacy option to only post on your home instance without federating?

There's a fork of Mastodon for that called Hometown:

You can still post normal posts that federate, but Hometown also lets you post non-federating posts if you prefer.

It also has other differences such as rendering full articles from Write Freely (and other federated blogging services).

It's by @darius

#Mastodon #HomeTown #Alternatives

Do you want to see a free open alternative to Goodreads? (Goodreads is owned by Amazon btw.)

There's a direct alternative under development by @Alamantus , and you can help out at:

#GoodReads #Alternatives #DeleteAmazon

Are you looking for a free open alternative to Google Keep?

Do you want to sync your notes/to-do lists etc on your phone with your cloud?

There are a couple of good options:

Follow them at @Carnet

Follow them at @joplinapp

They work with personal clouds such as @nextcloud and @ownclouders , and Carnet has its own public cloud too for those who don't have their own one.

#GoogleKeep #Alternatives #DeleteGoogle

Amazon's attempt to control the book world extends everywhere, they own the following:

Librarything (40%, through Abebooks)

You don't have to get your books from Amazon or use Amazon book services. There are much more ethical alternatives available:

Some of these alternatives are also on the Fediverse:

#Amazon #Alternatives #Books #eBooks #DeleteAmazon

Does anyone have #recommendations of a free (or very cheap) (preferably web based and optionally self-hostable) platform for basic bookkeeping that is suitable for usage for an organization in #Finland?

Kitupiikki is nice, but it's only in #Finnish.

#suomi #kirjanpito #bookkeeping #alternatives

Something often requested is a libre alternative to Google Translate.

There's a site called Apertium which is a free open translation system:

It's still under development, you can help out at:

#GoogleTranslate #Alternatives #DeleteGoogle #Translation #FLOSS

There are a couple of free open Notes / ToDo apps you can follow on the Fediverse:



(This came up in another thread, thought it was worth repeating in a post.)

#Alternatives #ToDo #Notes

Some were asking whether there is a Fediverse alternative to Facebook Events/Groups.

There is one on the way!

It's called Mobilizon, and it had a successful crowdfunding to cover development costs. The beta version is due out in October.

It will be free, open and federate with ActivityPub.

You can follow it on here:


The website is here:

You can follow and help development here:

#Alternatives #Mobilizon #DeleteFacebook

What do folks use for lightweight photo editing software? I need to do some simple cropping, file size reduction to make thumbnails. I've used gimp in the past... @switchingsocial

Do you wish the Fediverse had a Reddit-style link sharing and discussion system?

There are two in development, Prismo and Lemmy:


Prismo source:

Prismo demo instance:


Lemmy source:

#Reddit #Alternatives #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Federation

As you may have noticed from recent boosts, @pixelfed now has "remote follows".

In case you're wondering what it is, #Pixelfed is a free open alternative to Instagram, designed for privacy-friendly photo sharing.

You can now follow Mastodon accounts from Pixelfed, and Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon.

Some good servers to sign up on:

Remote follows mean wherever you sign up, you can follow people from other servers 👍

#Instagram #Alternatives

An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:

You can follow them on here:


#MicrosoftOffice #Alternatives #LibreOffice

The /e/ foundation has started selling phones with their own version of Android preloaded on them:

The /e/ version of Android is aiming to be de-googlised, but there are still a few remnants of G on them:

Just wondering what people think about /e/?

Should I list it as an alternative to Android? Is it degooglised enough to consider as a "least worst" option?

#Android #Alternatives #EFoundation

NFSW porn Show more

Looking for #alternatives to ESXi or Proxmox.


* preferably using KVM for virtualization, but VirtualBox would be alright.
* some sort of web UI to create/start/stop VMs

* managing multiple hosts together would be nice, but not strictly required

I tried Proxmox before but didn't enjoy their freemium model.

Right now I have a homemade setup consisting of Ansible playbooks to install VirtualBox+phpVirtualBox, but it is sorely out of date and its not working very well.