Have you explored Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park?
Located in the Prairie grasslands of #Alberta, the campground features rock carvings and paintings that depict life as far back as 10,000 years ago – we’re sure there are secrets yet to uncover! #TravelTuesday

#DYK that more than 400 people and their #dogs gathered in Edmonton, #Alberta and broke the Guinness World Record for the largest ever dog yoga class? Yes, we’re being fur-real! @CBCRadioCanada

“No one has ever said that life is to be easy. Only that it is to be lived.” - Canadian novelist, Alistair MacLeod

Cascade Ponds, #Alberta panda_photography_24/IG

« Quand on enlève la Belle Province du portrait, le reste du #Canada apparaît un peu plus divisé (53 % vs 39 %), mais c’est surtout dû à l’opposition de l’ #Alberta (34 % vs 61 %) et des Prairies (44 % vs 49 %), soit des provinces productrices de #pétrole. En #Ontario et en #ColombieBritannique, l’appui à cet énoncé se situe entre 55 et 60 %. »

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Marie-Pier Mercier

L’Alberta est devenue, depuis peu, la seule province canadienne sans plan de lutte contre la pauvreté. Bien que la province possède un taux de pauvreté inférieur à la moyenne canadienne, les inégalités entre les riches et les pauvres y sont parmi les plus importantes au pays.

Áísínai'pi in Blackfoot or Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in #Alberta was recently designated a @UNSECO #WorldHeritage site! This will help protect the park for future generations, including #Blackfoot carvings and paintings dating back thousands of years.

Y a-t-il un lien entre le déficit structurel de l'Alberta et la péréquation au Québec?

Plusieurs se demandent pourquoi le Québec a droit à 13 milliards de dollars en péréquation alors que le gouvernement vient d’enregistrer un surplus budgétaire de plusieurs milliards. En Alberta, on n’hésite pas à mélanger tous les concepts de

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“My old mentor once told me: if you find yourself too comfortable, move.” – Canadian actor, Victor Garber

Three Hills, #Alberta @bluejays1971/IG

> Just now, at ten minutes after midnight, the UCP have invoked closure on Bill 9, which is a bill to break the law & to break contracts with most of Alberta's public servants.

> Closure is the name of the mechanism a government can use to shut down debate. It exists primarily in case the opposition refuses to bring debate to an end.

> In this case, it was used after just one MLA, myself, had spoken to Bill 9 during second reading.

> Let that sink in. The government's most powerful and dictatorial weapon was deployed after

> just
> one
> speaker

> I am profoundly disappointed that the UCP are so intent on abusing our province's hard working public servants, that this new government is blatantly disrespecting the rule of law, that they are breaking agreed upon contracts, and that the UCP are acting dictatorial and disrespecting the tradition of debate that underpins our Legislature and indeed our democratic society. #alberta

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the picturesque views of the Kananaskis Country in #Alberta than by #horseback!
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The Two Brothers Totem Pole, designed by brothers Jaalen and Gwaai Edenshaw, represents a #Haida journey made from Haida Gwaii to the Rockies. It stands in front of Jasper’s Via Rail station in #Alberta and welcomes new travelers.
#IndigenousHistoryMonth @JasperNP

First time on Mastodon.

This shot is from Sunrise in Alberta Canada during the height of summer (jk)

Taken with a Nikon D800 and I think the 24mm F2.8D lens

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#Oilsands lobby speechless as government scientists point to higher pollution

A report compiled by Environment Canada shows that four #FossilFuel facilities in northern #Alberta produced far more #CarbonDioxide (#CO2) and other #pollutants than they are required to report under international guidelines.

"We won’t be providing a comment,” said Elisabeth Besson, a spokeswoman from a #Petroleum lobby group (#CAPP).


This is the world's #most #destructive #oil @operation—and it's growing

Indigenous people and #environment*alists want to prevent the expansion of #Canada's oil sands development, and the #water and #air #pollution that come with it.
While it produces conventional #oil, most comes from the #Alberta #OilSands, the world’s third largest proven oil reserve at 170 billion barrels.

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