❌ laziness

❌ apathy

✅ fear of failure

✅ heavily relying on external stress (+ fear of angering others) to be productive

#ADHD #MentalHealthMonth

@lj_writes I'd love to hear how this goes.

I * think * I've been on the #ADHD spectrum for awhile, and it was much more severe when I was younger, right when I got pulled out of school. I never took meds though, partially because my parents didn't really want me on them, so I would love to hear how this goes for you.

Is there a way to measure where you are in the #ADHD spectrum?

Any game ideas to help an 11-year old (ND; #ADHD and #actuallyautistic) learn vocabulary, including spelling?

Today the chance of snow is not happening but #Seattle is pouring rain, and it's 41˚F but feels like 34˚F, so I am hiding at home, in one of those #ADHD swirls, where I'm doing something about clothing all over the bed room, rendering unto the kitchen, eating homemade soup (yay, me, that's +5), and live streaming the #LunarEclipse with New Age music on my laptop.

@ijyx I bought a Hosukko brand weighted blanket online last year for my #ADHD and I've loved it. Mine is glass-bead-filled and has been easy to wash and has held up great so far.

I feel like it's long past time for a radical #leftist organization that represents the interests of the #neurodiverse working class. Capitalism's hierarchy of productivity means that we are inevitably, unavoidably, and directly screwed over, regularly moving from job to job trying to find anything we can do and can bear - if we can even work. Yet our voices are so rarely heard in radical spheres

If you're neurodiverse and interested in organizing something like this, send a reply or DM. It's way too early for me to announce anything, so for now I'm just gauging support. If you're neurotypical, please boost

#autism #neurodiversity #anarchism #socialism #ADHD #BPD #DID

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LOLOLOL I bought a $249 jacket twice on the same day because I forgot I bought it the first time. Under two hours apart.

mountaineering problems. No more expensive shopping without my meds, I think.

Thurs Oct 10th at the Greenwood Senior Center in #Seattle from 1pm - 2pm is a presentation on #ADHD in Adults.

I don't know how much of this presentation will be practical/useful, or if it will just be a 'commercial' for her services.

the more info link is this nurse/author's website,

Wondering if I would enjoy a cuddle pile? Cuddles ARE nice, and it could be cuddles while Mara isn't here, but if there wasn't a movie or something on is go crazy laying still for that long. #ADHD

This was a wonderful weekend for Doing Stuff and indulging my #adhd: bouncing around until I find a hyperfocus, doing necessary things plus tangents off those, and tangents off those, looking at my phone every three minutes, never really stopping and when I do I think about what to do next and when English speakers pronounce “the” as “thee” and when we say “thuh”.

It was a relaxing day: no fitting awkwardly into the methods others require of us.

...which seems like a nice thing for everybody.

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(Also yes, this is how the ADHD brain works: "Oh good, the pre-printed fabric arrived. I should finish the purple version though. But when I do the pre-printed ones, I should figure out how to do the wing piece in the extra-long hoop. Which means I should figure out how to align things. Okay the test pattern worked, how would it do for multiple connection points? OH LOOK I'M DOING A TWO-FOOT-LONG DRAGON ALL OF A SUDDEN.")

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Ow, my... me

"How #ADHD Causes Anxiety --> How #Anxiety masks ADHD."

(It's not a 100% bingo or anything but ow.

Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an #introductions post so: most of my #art these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric #sculpture (with a #dragon bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from #Philadelphia, am a mom, and I have #ADHD.

Does anyone have any resources of queer perspectives on #ADHD ?

Would be super appreciated.

#Neurodiversity Fediverse instance update!

We will definitely be using #Florence! Possibly we won't start it up until white lists are available. We will also be creating a #Matrix/#Riot (they're the same thing) private chatroom for us all very soon! Again, we will be prioritize non-white needs and voices; white folks, y'all will be vetted first.

#autismAcceptance #actuallyAutistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #dyselxia #dypraxia #schizophrenia #STPD #brainWeird and all the rest of us 💚

Here's a tip for fellow #autistic people or people with #ADHD or other neurodiversities who are interested in #meditation and/or #Buddhism but find it hard to keep their mind from wandering:

Don't be afraid to use stim toys or other objects while you're meditating. Moving and playing with something doesn't make the practice less mindful, and in fact there's a long tradition behind it: there's a string of beads called a Japamala that is traditionally used in meditation, where the beads are passed through the fingers one by one while repeating a mantra. The beads keep track of the number of repetitions so you don't have to hold it in your mind if you're going for a specific number, but they also help to ground you to the world around you and quiet your mind

Personally, I use a worry stone while I meditate, but don't feel bad using anything you have around, like a stim toy, a chew necklace, a clicking pen, etc. There's nothing wrong with using what you have to stay mindful!