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xvu @xvu

We got so many random spanish speakers on Moosetodon out of the blue today. It's wonderful though, as conveniently I'm trying my best to learn espanol!!

@xvu Hi! We're testing the platform. We're twitter refugees. Saludos!

@vforvancouver bienvenido!! Hope you enjoy your stay, we are quite friendly!

@xvu hi, we emigrated from Twitter and try to find a new place to talk and drink

@xvu I just bought a bunch of elementary school ‘chapter books’ to practice my Spanish.

I’m *almost* fluent enough for captain underpants.

@ajroach42 haha!! That's awesome. I should give that a go. I'm trying to work my way up to The Little Prince (el principito) but maybe I should start a bit simpler.

Let me know if you ever wanna chat spanish learning techniques, I've been trying everything for the past few months.