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xvu @xvu

ON THAT NOTE - Leafs game 4 starts in 15 minutes I'm amped. It took me a while to convince this Costa Rican bar to play the game but I got it πŸ‘Œ

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@xvu Just saw your toot. Let us 😒 together.

At this point I'm thinking, at least we still have the ✈s.

@cognish 😢😢 hopefully the Leafs can pull through, that was a bad showing once again last night!

@xvu Did NOT see the Leafs drawing even at 3-3.

@cognish ahhh wonderful isn't it!! One more (and then 2 more rounds and all the finals.... Jeesh it is a long playoff period)

@xvu chuckle... when my local team, the Oilers, were kicked out in round 2 last year it was (between you, me et al) a relief; oh, the stress! It's hard work, coaching your team via TV.

@cognish wellllll the Leafs are out now. But I can understand your point here! It is super stressful to watch playoff hockey, but it is fun that's for sure.

@xvu Glad you understand my treasonous statement! Now I can calmly watch the Jets. Well, sorta calmly...