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patrick @xvu

@thurloat Really odd, now it works for me. It was back to back for like three days logging on with no images at all. I'll let you know if it happens again.

logging in from Toronto, no VPN.

Also, anyone have a solid way to block / close applications on Linux after a certain amount of time?

Eg, Leechblock but for software. Only allow me to have Steam open for 25 minutes before warning and closing the process.

I had a script but it only half works sometimes

Moosetodon peoples. Since relogging onto Mastodon last week I don't see ANY photos on the interface. Is this a problem anyone else is having or just me?

In other news this has become my favourite album recently :

Xela - For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights

A quick roundup of what I've done since I last departed Mastodon -

- finished building v1 of my shopify app / plugin
- flew to guatemala
- got incredibly sick
- flew back to canada. realized i actually lost OHIP coverage from being out of country for so long this year, so have been paying for doctor's visits out of pocket which is (not) lovely

and now I'm here

@vickylai found you via your hugo themes (which are cool by the way) - nice to find other nomads on here! I think that brings us to a grand total of 3 of us that I know?

I'm back! Kidding. Sort of. I may browse every once and a while. Hope everyone is well. Autumn is kicking my butt right now but have some exciting new projects on the way.

I may disappear off Mastodon in the near future. I love the platform, ideology behind it, and of course most of all the people on it - but as I do more thinking I realize that I don't think I have a use for a social outlet like this anymore.

I used to use Twitter as a emotional outlet I think, always posting my every thought and belief on there. Then I switched to general ramblings on Mastodon. Now I'm at the point where I don't think I have an actual need to post anything on here anymore.

I'm just trying to see the middle ground for people that think Mozilla is the devil all of a sudden. From my research they are still a good, privacy focused company in the web space (especially companies with > 50 employees I guess). I am absolutely way more confident suggesting friends + family Firefox over Chrome, and even Firefox over Qutebrowser or Falkon browser.
Again, this is your opinion and that's cool, just want to see the why's behind these posts!

@jason Ok but what I understand from all this is that:
- Mozilla does not sell user data from Firefox users (good for privacy, staying true to their ethics)
- Mozilla does not sell user telemetry from Firefox (true to their ethics)
- Mozilla makes money from setting Google as the default search engine, a complete third party so not affiliated with Mozilla at all (not sure if you can classify this as against what they portray as a privacy concious company)

Mac's tiny desk has already become a constant repeat for the last month

all the celebrity / musician deaths have sorta passed by me until this one

mac miller was the soundtrack of my high school + college. the guy's music went through so many evolutions, i feel he was just getting started with his potential.

RIP man. this fucking sucks.

@jason but is there proof of them selling this telemetry data to third parties? That's just what I'm trying to sort out

@jason I know about Cliqz for the 0.0001% or whatever the number was, but in general as far as I've seen, Mozilla isn't selling user data

@jason Is Mozilla actively selling my user data right now? Do we actually know this as a fact?

Is my history or preferences or other stuff being sold to X company when I'm using Firefox Nightly?

@jason I don't know, the great thing about this is that it's your opinion so none of this matters for anyone else including me.

I don't want to get into an argument but I'm always just interested in people's decisions/thoughts especially when they post it on a public forum like here.

We have differing opinions and that's cool

@jason I understand your points and I know where you are coming from, but I just feel like Mozilla is a company trying to survive in a world full of advertising and tracking.

They are flawed, as is any large company, but I think for the most part Mozilla still is in the right, pushing for web privacy - absolutely moreso than any other company in the same space.

They've made some silly decisions, but the majority of users haven't been affected by them at all

@jason Firefox is privacy respecting and they are the best option for the majority of consumers today that want to retain some sort of privacy , that's a fact. They've run some experiments in the past that have been awful ideas, but in my current Firefox setup I don't doubt at all that my privacy is being respected and not sent off to some random third party.

@jason Once again, my biggest question is how do they make money to support their devs without "selling the opportunity to be the default search engine to the highest bidder" ? You can use alternative browsers built by a small team of great open source devs but will it last longer than a year? Will it be supported by modern web apps? Will it update within 24 hours when a major web vulnerability is found?