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@ajroach42 haha!! That's awesome. I should give that a go. I'm trying to work my way up to The Little Prince (el principito) but maybe I should start a bit simpler.

Let me know if you ever wanna chat spanish learning techniques, I've been trying everything for the past few months.

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@vforvancouver bienvenido!! Hope you enjoy your stay, we are quite friendly!

We got so many random spanish speakers on Moosetodon out of the blue today. It's wonderful though, as conveniently I'm trying my best to learn espanol!!

@cognish 😢😢 hopefully the Leafs can pull through, that was a bad showing once again last night!

ON THAT NOTE - Leafs game 4 starts in 15 minutes I'm amped. It took me a while to convince this Costa Rican bar to play the game but I got it πŸ‘Œ

Nevertheless I respect anyone coming out of Toronto that reps it like Drake does. Even if I don't vibe with his music the man is making people like Toronto again which is awesome (coming from someone that dislikes Toronto)

Toronto has a dope music scene, I love a large chunk of artists coming out of TO but Drake just never hit the same chord with me.

So I'm a huge hip hop fan but for some reason never got into Drake. Normally that's ok but I'm originally from Toronto so everyone hassles me about it wherever I go.

So today I decided to try to get into Drake finally. Downloaded 'Views' cause it's got the CN tower on it so duh.

I just.... Don't like a single song on it. I know Drake has some great songs but did I just pick a bad album to start with?? Idk I sound like a grumpy old man but I just dont understand

@cypnk I'm sure you have already watched it, since you seem very aligned with the cabin making world. But if not, Alone In The Wilderness (and the book) is unbelievable. I love every part of it, and he makes the cabin building into such an art form. Ahhhhh it makes me want to build a cabin so much.

@eliasg that's true! I just... am still young and want to take advantage and travel and stuff while I still can. No responsibilities, no girlfriend, etc.

But it would be a greater opportunity!

But.. Like I really want to live in x country (Japan, Korea, Chile, etc) so settling down would make that really tough

But... I could surf every day, always be warm, and live on the beach essentially which is mostly what I want in life

I have the opportunity to join my friend's property management here in Costa Rica to help him scale and expand the business ( which is very lucrative. Vacation rentals = $$$ )

The problem is, I don't like the idea of 'settling down ' still. I enjoy my current job because I can pick up and leave countries whenever I feel like it.

@wingulls real talk I can't process things as well when I am high so I read books but don't retain the knowledge. I completely blank out. It doesn't work out great


Come on Moosetodon, we need to have some fans here