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Pushing iffy code to master branch right before leaving my laptop at home while on a 2 week vacation.

Don't hire me

Wine hangovers always help remind me why I don't drink wine

Roommate didn't pay internet bill. I had a huge client call planned first thing this morning, woops. Now wandering around trying to find a cafe that will allow me to work all day

My life since college has always been me flying to another country when I get bored or tired of a place/situation. Not running away from something in particular, but more like chasing a feeling. It's likely not healthy, but it brings me temporary happiness.

I'm settled into my home town in Canada now which is great, but I can feel myself just itching to go on an adventure and get off my computer

I feel happy and content, but just the drive to do work is non-existent on days like this.

Maybe it's the type of work I'm doing, not just feeling as inspired as I once was.

My one personal project has some great potential to become a great lifestyle business for me; and I have a backlog of tasks to do on it that will help improve it, help businesses, grow my revenue, etc. but when I have the time to work on it... I just don't.

Usually when this happens, I feel like I need a week off; but I know I can't keep doing that forever. I've got a ton of freedom now (likely too much) but I want to figure this out without running away from it temporarily

I'm in a weird state of mind, and I think I've been sort of feeling like this for the past few years.

I've been self employed / freelance since I graduated college and I always go through dips in motivation where I just don't feel like doing anything.

I know I should be working on X project cause I'll need the money for Y bill, etc etc. But when I wake up, I just have absolutely no motivation to do it

@ink_slinger I saw a ridiculously talented hillbilly folk punk band open up for the band NOFX 4 years ago. Can't remember the name, but I know the guy on the electric washboard killed it. I can't remember moshing so hard in another concert. It was a huge circle mosh while the band did a washboard solo, legendary.

I think you should do it.

1st meeting today with tech incubator about my little project that has turned into my full time job over the past 2 months. Excited. Nervous.

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Why libraries are the greatest places on earth:

- books
- free!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- quiet, so quiet, so peaceful is heaven
- people leave you alone
- also movies and computers and things
- staff literally know everything and want you to know everything thanks
- you can stay the whole time they're open and not have to pay anything at all
- you can get lost in the big ones and that's cool
- mmm smells of wisdom

I think I'm reaching a burnout stage with work, it sucks.

Trying to plan a weekend camping, but even that planning is stressing me out somehow

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mental health, friend, epilepsy Show more

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@mpjgregoire Ooooh! Good stuff will do some research on these tomorrow. Thanks!

I emailed the maintainer of the wonderful freecampsites.net website, asking if there was a way to archive/backup the campsite data in case his website goes down.

This was his email response :