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@ThatGeoGuy stealing this for dinner tonight! Thanks :)

That's why I keep leaving and then coming back. I enjoy it, but the Twitter style posts just don't fly with me it seems

I really like the Mastodon community, and the web/mobile experience with all the third party options is super high quality.

I think I'm just not a fan of short-form posts like this, and that's why I keep trying Scuttlebutt and other platforms, but they never hit 100% what I'm looking for.

Basically just Mastodon with long-form text, likes and replies. I think that Facebook does that really good to be honest, but could be improved still. Not just a writing only / blog tool though.

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So I decided to lock myself in my bedroom which is currently the only bug free spot in the house. I've sprayed all the bug spray I've got and I'm really hoping the ants don't get in

I mean covered. One wall is just completely full of ants. Another one has these ridiculous 5 or 6 inch grasshopper things on them. I'm sure there are a few spiders around as well

Currently in Costa Rica. It's great. Except right now. Tropical storm, power keeps flickering on and off, and somehow the dog opened the door and the downstairs of my place is absolutely covered in bugs

Here for my quarterly Mastodon check in

ID for the folks that are on there as well: @JUBGIPQ3KzZEqc03FX53bZucL9i/UqgHQgpPyJHPzpw=.ed25519

@thurloat if you get active on there, this is my id :)

@thurloat How much space did you give it? What's your ID on SSB too!? I'm way more active there than here :)

Loving the conversations on Scuttlebutt these days. Lots of great conversations and book suggestions.

I still love you Mastodon (especially you Moosetodon) but I really like Scuttlebutt's more long form blog writing style, especially when learning about topics

I'm going on a bit of a binge here, apologies Moosetodonians

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I miss learning stuff so much, ever since college I realize there has been a decently large hole in my life. Ever since dedicating myself to learning a language, it's like that hole has been filled.

I've been on a huge Spanish binge recently as I move to Peru in about a month. 1.5 hrs a day of private tutoring online is fantastic and has propelled me so much further than any other 'learning method' I've used.

This combined with Language Transfer's free Spanish course has gotten me to a very comfortable level of speaking which is wonderful

@vickylai I'm checking out your packing lists as I'm getting ready to head for a 8-12 month trip around South America.
You have a lot of Muji stuff - I bought a bunch of Muji when i was in Singapore but they don't have any stores near me. Did you buy this stuff in the States or did you order it online? It says they ship some stuff to Canada so not sure what best option is...