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Plasma 5.11 was released recently, and we're working hard to make it even better.

The bugfix release - 5.11.2 - is available now, fixing issues with font DPI on Wayland, GTK settings dialog, and more:

If you're still on Plasma LTS, we have good news for you, too.

The Plasma 5.8.8 bugfix release is now out. Stability improvements to Discover and system notifications are just a few of many fixes:

Happy upgrading!

@tom oh I gotcha, misunderstood.


@tom might be able to use haproxy. it doesn't care what's coming in, as long as you configure something to check the tcp port for actual sql alive-ness.

check out this old-ish blogpost on the subject:

I've used it for mysql balancing in the past and works wonders.

@clee thanks for the review. I've heard so many good thinks about Anker, I don't know if I'll be able to choose anything else at this point.

@Toxic_Flange starting up a fun little gang. you can read some here if you like:

@kepstin definitely needs to function as a USB device. Not at 3.0 speeds though.

I'll look into the 5 port ones, though I want to keep my $/port lower, as I'll be buying a bunch of whatever hub I end up choosing.

Looking for a powered USB hub with min 1.2A at each port, and 7 or more ports.

Any leads?

Holy crap, bitcoin gold is here... and and altcoins are skyrocketing everywhere.

"β€œIt just doesn’t make sense. This thing is not regulated, it’s not under control, it’s not under the supervision” of any central bank, Alwaleed said."

This is literally the point. People don't trust central banks or regulators. We don't need your buy-in to have things that are valuable.

@krruzic that's me waiting for my 50 cannabis coins to bounce back too :P

I'll take me some more of those discounted altcoins, if you please!

"cryptocurrencies are dying, look at all the crashes in the altcoin market."

sounds like it's time to buy buy buy!

@Modern_Industrial heck yeah, friend.

I can't stand the coding style. I much prefer clear cut separation of application from all markup and display.

I've used this mini presenter framework, [Americano](, that I wrote years and years ago as a basis for so many large and complex JS applications.

The Mastodon club is back, yall.

Memory leak on the web frontend ate all the RAM and refused to serve requests.

@lizzycampbell nice! that's the life! 😁

I work from home almost every day, still dont' get tired of it.