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thurloat 📌 @thurloat

@bea you're talking to the guy who is still on 1.4.x because he hasn't brought forward his changes in his own fork yet.

... now to amass more satoshis by continuing to speculate in the altcoin market.

Damnit! added too many satoshis for the network fee and it nearly insta-confirmed!

Wasted satoshis 😢😢

Current network fee is too many satoshis, we're all going to have to switch to an altcoin to actually spend cryptobucks.

@cypnk dang cool, after ~6 years my mechanical keyboard with ABS kaps + grip coating are getting all shiny, slippery, and the printed letters are wearing off.

@GeoffWozniak yeah, confirmed here:

I should get around to it in the next couple weeks, pretty cramped schedule on my end.

@GeoffWozniak currently, I can ban you and that should basically erase your existence here.

once I get around to porting forward all of our functionality to the new 1.6.x base, IIRC you can delete your own account.

@cypnk holy cow that keyboard is FRESH.

how is there not a single stain?

@allan that's some nice dark humour. someone's got to have it if you're cancelling a wedding :/

@cognish BUFFERS=1770 is actually on right now.

oh dang! I forgot about



is my jam today.

It's a steep your green tea bag in your coffee kind of morning.

@lychee not a bad idea! I'm a pretty poor artist, but I bet it's fun.

Wow, I had no idea was a thing. So many impressive sketches just browsing around the hashtag.

Neat! 🤓

@ink_slinger ah gotcha.


I wonder if you could use some unobtrusive unicode character rather than a hashtag.

@kepstin ah i see yeah. maybe if i kick the sidekiq worker, or maybe soc is just behind on sending stuff out.