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@mpjgregoire @fitheach long story extra short:

we forked pre 1.0 to add some community features and make changes, kept up with latest til around 1.4-5 upstream had a major refactor on both backend and frontend that would have needed almost all features be rewritten from scratch.

we backported many security and performance patches from upstream as time went on (including some initial AP support), but can't find the time or motivation to rewrite everything from scratch.

also, mastodon 3.0 removed ostatus, so no GS federation.

@sconlan @sconlan farewell friend! Radical town is pretty rad

This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

As far as static site generators go, Pelican is fucking sick.

Really interesting that the last year the devs have been adding more polish and usablity features to the importers and dev server.

Great for going beyond simple blogs into actually organizing information and having layouts & embedded HTML.

#python #webdev

@cognish well mastodon specifically creates a smaller version and full sized version.

but the CDN itself doesn't currently do any image transformation at the edge. the feature is on the backlog though.

lets get down to tacks, which is it really? :chick_magic:

[ ] leviosa
[ ] leviosah

Anyone have a guide for switching mastodon instances that minimizes the gnashing of teeth? And maximizes continuity?

I want to #selfhost a fully standalone + offline cache of web + ebook content with a search engine on top.

While our home "DC" was up and online during most of the hurricane, we lost internet connection and couldn't look up a lot of things online that we take for granted.

I want to fix that, anyone out there familiar with the space? or know what #FOSS projects are best to glue this stuff together?

ā™»ļø āœ…

šŸ‘µ what are you doing on your computer?
:blobexclaim: whats a computer?
šŸ‘µ wHaTs A cOmPuTeR

yall CWs are a drug, SHOW MORE

unfortunately i can't even help clicking the ones i know are triggering.

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What does everyone think of License Zero[0]?

Is anyone out there using it effectively?

They seem to have a neat a la carte license model to tack on commercial restrictions and pretty easy integration with decent end user UX.


Already had my mind blown today with a new perspective...

Long maternity and paternity leave in Scandinavian culture is the right of the child, irrespective of the wealth, social standing, and life choices of the parents.

I imagine if this argument was told to my American family they'd be caught with their britches down, because they're too focused on complaining about "lazy adults".

Today's paper boiled down :chick_science_ohno:

- It's more efficient to schedule dynamic scientific workloads dynamically than to cram a dynamic workload into a static scheduler.

- Use multiple relevant properties of the task to calculate a weight.

- Before assigning a task to a compute unit, re-calculate the weight of the tasks again based on the whole workflow's deadline.

- Re-use compute units (even if idle) where the cost (t) of resultant data transfer is higher than saving it to persistent storage and deploying it to a new node.

- I promise we're not sponsored by Amazon, but they're the only cloud provider we used in our simulations for cost and time modeling.