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@krruzic imo, it's not about not seeing the nazis.

fuck them entirely.

that kind of hate doesn't deserve to congregate peacefully.

@jszym "oh yumm, are these rocks from italy?"

*crunch crunch crunch*

The the heck does no-name sparkling water need to be imported from fuckin' italy.

just turn on the tap, insert some CO2, salt & rocks, bottle it up and sell it for 1/2 the price. matrix update Show more matrix update Show more

Which one of y'all was setting up some of them NanoPC-T4s? I forget

@tinker add spinach, and that was a staple for me before i met my wife


Psychology: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ?

@szbalint I hear integrity checking and I think ZFS.

could use snapshots and `zfs send` to ship them off to a (or multiple) backup pools. not really cold storage though, and seeing your follow-up toot, not really usable from non IT folks.

@codewiz @allan hmm, there weren't any backed up queues on sunday -- just had to kick the web service because it was hanging.

it could have been something stuck in the retry queue for a long time and finally got sent through though. I've seen that happen a few times.

@ThatGeoGuy noice! we are running a fresh matrix homeserver on too. feels real nice.

You know it's bad when your mechanic suggests that your make and model of car breaks more frequently than any other they see daily. update Show more

@keithzg i'd like to go back or forward to a time where we realize that public spaces are for people, not vehicles.

Been considering bumping my desktop from 6-8 cores (1600x -> 3700x) , but after thinking about it more, I really haven't been able to find a use for more than 12 threads on my workstation other than using multiple VMs while gaming, but that's a bit of a stretch.