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thurloat 📌 @thurloat

@ink_slinger they'll all also have to be the same mask / makeup or be able to be randomly changed every time you go out.

wasn't there a kickstarter for super high quality masks of a guy's face for just this purpose .. a couple years ago or something?

So this is how we're going to defeat facial recognition in public spaces, right?

Everyone starts wearing bonkers face makeup so you can't distinguish the contours of your face.

What if Hal Finney is Satoshi?

So he gets cryopreserved, keeps his secret keys hidden.

When technology is advanced enough to bring him back to life, he'll wake up to be mega rich with over 1 Million BTC waiting for him.

@xj9 had to appreciate the sweet purple plastic cladding on all their shit though.

@jonw Today i'll be compiling Elixir

The compiler is pretty good at calling you an idiot, and telling you precisely where

Good morning fedis, hope your code writing goes smoothly today.

if you're into that kind of thing.

Anybody want to come hang out in the Data Centre for a couple hours?

Bring your own earplugs.

@a_breakin_glass unfortunately, lisps give me acid reflux.

Elixir is such a good language, fight me.

@citrustwee finally, i hear uwu vocalized.

have moxie kiddo!

Web Dev? Looking for work? Show more

Playing Sea of Thieves tonight on my friend's stream, lets do some pirate things!

Somebody once told me Show more

did the opposite, matched everything else instead.

Elixir pattern matching a module? cant find docs?

ok booted into windows ssd, stupid ipmi shit

Dang, can't get OpenVPN to crack 20 Megabit / sec throughput on this setup.

Maybe switching to multiple SSH remote port forwards will work better 🤔

Yall are pretty wholesome, thanks for keeping a happy tuesday timeline 😄