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@sconlan My biggest problem is availability of specialty products on the east coast.

Local specialty shops don't carry most of what I end up buying on Amazon, and usually suggest I buy them online anyway. :(

Morning folks, how was your Monday evening?

my subscription just expired, any personal VPN recomendations?

@rin protonvpn has been excellent for me, and discounts when bundled with the mail I already pay for.

good mobile app, good desktop app, and native openvpn so you can just use normal ovpn config files if that's your thing.

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@ink_slinger e-ink + touchscreen + pen + SBC + some virtual network printer server, probably the most complex part of the prototype

@ink_slinger yea I've never found a "library management" application that wasn't garbage to use.

maybe a fun project to hack on

the delta boarding taxonomy is some real celestial emporium shit. pre-boarding, families, active military, first class, gold medallion, silver medallion, tungsten sphere, SKY, unaccompanied children, accompanied children, zone 1, anyone named "larry," zone √2, zone 2, et cetera, zone 3, people who have already boarded, minor and outlying zones

It would be cool if there were an E-Ink device that appeared on the network (or via USB) as a printer, and you could print documents directly to it for the road or for signing.

Then if you marked them up or made notes, you could "scan" them back to your computer via the same type of mechanism.

@dankwraith whoa! easy there, Lenin.

without having to re-write these broken systems every 2 years, how will they fool themselves into needing huge budgets? It's the government's job to employ useless contractors, so they can keep justifying their own budgets and keep being the lynch-pins in their own jobs.

TFW you burn a damn good identity because you forgot the seed to a key for all the passwords.

@oct2pus I don't know if this would be any more appropriate than showing up at Starbucks with a full iMac.

I could see it being useful in a professional environment for industrial designers / engineers who heavily make use of CAD, and are either on-site with equipment or frequently engage with clients during the design.

@FssOfDeath @Supernova "I knew too much about the meat butchering business, apparently"

@Supernova "they looked into my criminal history, and determined I may have been sympathetic with the accused."

@Supernova chipper parents in hockey arenas at who knows what in he morning should be put in a chipper.