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@kaniini extolling the virtues of beekeeping I see.

Here we see a group of JavaScript engineers implementing a method that adds two numbers

Not sure if everyone is familiar with kitboga on twitch/youtube with his "Letting scammers scam me" content.

Either way, I've been giggling about this all night.

"Microsoft Support Tech"'s opinion on secure data storage in 2019

@Supernova @JessSloan I had a huge one growing up, miss it for my girl

@JessSloan we'll have to consider that when we go house shopping.

Full-time #Mozilla #Thunderbird staff growing to 14 this year:

This bit I like very much:
"The primary reason we’ve been able to do this is an increase in donors to the project. We hope that anyone reading this will consider giving to Thunderbird as well. Donations from individual contributors are our primary source of funding, and we greatly appreciate all our supporters who made this year so successful!"

@balrogboogie i like camping, and I like the cold.

but I like to sleep where it's warm.

how was it?

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@keithzg yeah, i gave mine a soak and bath just before christmas.

always feels so nice and fresh on the fingers too.

Don't forget to wash down all of your computer peripherals in isopropyl alcohol every once in a while.

For heavy computer users, consider you have your hands and arms on them as often, or more often than you're in your bed -- and you clean your bed sheets... right?

please change your sheets too.

stay healthy folks

@Supernova if you don't want to serve, you can tell them that you work together and it'll probably disqualify you.

@allan @Canageek worst part is, the country lookups aren't even necessarily accurate. They're just accurate to the whois registered company location.

As the broadcaster of some IP addresses, I BGP out of hfx, tor, and van -- but all IP's show up as coming from our PO Box.

@ink_slinger I've been keeping my eye on

Goal of reducing my e-waste by not purchasing yet another new phone, giving multi-year support to otherwise dead (and perfectly fine) hardware.

Running your own docker registry when docker hub is down

[feels good man image]

@ec_ho hard to reserve judgement on 4chan users, but I try :P

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