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What is this socialable icon?

@dgood you also have a little floppy disk to save your toots for later. They're private, no one sees the interaction but you.

@thurloat Cool, I assume the glass is exactly the same as the old favorite, and the save for later is the new?

@dgood except now every time you get favd you immediately picture someone across the room raising their glass toward you and giving a little nod.

@thurloat @dgood The glass spins, so I also picture them spilling their beer.

(I'm not complaining. I like the icon and the spinning animation.)

thurloat ๐Ÿ“Œ @thurloat

@Flumberbug @dgood maybe the animation should be a raise and a quick 5 degree tilt, then back down.

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@thurloat @dgood That would be really cool. But I don't think you should rank changing the animation as a high priority. It's already pretty good as it is.