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I want a phev SUV. Hard to find info on what's coming, any auto experts?

@thurloat huh, to be honest I'm surprised there's *any* on the market - I see the Mitsubishi Outlander and a Range Rover model?

No idea where you'd look for info about upcoming models; if something doesn't show up in a quick google search it's probably far enough in the future that it shouldn't count into your buying decision now.

@thurloat seems to basically cover the market - there's a few luxury phev suvs (benz, range rover, volvo, bmw), one mass market model, and a new non-plugin models. Slim pickings for sure, unless you want to wait for 2019 stuff to be announced :/

thurloat 📌 @thurloat

@kepstin yeah I'm not in a super huge hurry, just doing a little research.

The outlander and the LR were about all I could find info on as well.