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has begun. I managed to get about 200 words written this morning. I'll put sometime in at lunch and finish up after my daughter is in bed. I'm aiming to get more than 1,667 words down today, to get a good head start.

thurloat ๐Ÿ“Œ @thurloat

@ink_slinger whoa I'm so far behind!

@JessSloan reminded me this morning, and I still haven't started.

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@thurloat @JessSloan It's early, still. I'm amazed I actually managed to get any writing in before the child awoke (and even a few words while she was up...she asked to sit on my lap but promised, unprompted, that she wouldn't touch my 'puter).

It's, what, noon out there already? Time for a lunchtime word sprint!

@ink_slinger @JessSloan yeah just about lunch here.

did you draft an outline before the months started?

@thurloat @JessSloan I started to script out scenes, but literally only finished one.

I've got a super rough mental outline, but no idea of the ending. I barely even know who my characters are.

The sad thing is, I still did way more planning this year than any previous time I've attempted it.

@JessSloan @thurloat What about you? Any pre-planning or are you flying by the seat of your pants?

@ink_slinger @JessSloan i came up with a rough outline in my head earlier in the year and I had planned on getting a bunch done beforehand -- but it snuck up on me!

so i think I'll start a day behind and see if I can write down a bit of an arc that I want to follow