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One horror movie trope that never fails to annoy me is that scene, at the beginning of the movie, when the family rolls up to their new house and wanders around like they've never seen it before. Usually with a moving truck either present or imminent.

Who buys a house sight unseen? Who are these people?

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@allan I know someone who did it recently. It was a coast-to-coast cross-country move, and they really didn't want to go out before owning a place. Had a friend go look at it and send back some pics and opinions.

I'm heard too that on request a realtor can do this for you as well, and you can hire a objective dude with a pen and checklist to do a walkthrough.

Just realized I'm being that ass who replies with a "well I'll have you know". But I've spend too much time typing to press the X.

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@thurloat I find this bonkers. My family has moved coast-to-coast and even out of the country several times, but never *bought* a house sight unseen. We always rented a place until we got settled.

A lot of what makes a house is where it is in relation to how you live and what you want to do. That's really hard to gauge until you live in the area.