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So OpenBSD 6.2 came out today and some interesting changes (to me):

The kernel no longer handles IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (RFC 4862), allowing cleanup and simplification of the IPv6 network stack.

A new daemon, slaacd(8) handles IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (RFC 4862).

Release notes here:

I wouldn't mind using slaacd(8) or similar on Linux and manage a user space daemon's configuration over tweaking kernel variables using sysctl to turn off SLAAC.

One huge change in 6.2 is also this:

Incoming and forwarded IP packets are now processed without KERNEL_LOCK, resulting in better performances and reduced latency.

Excellent news for everyone who runs OpenBSD routers.

I was about to mention the benefits for pfSense but it doesn't apply since that is based off of FreeBSD.

Speaking of pfSense, getting the itch to build/buy a pfSense based router, I need something with a SFP port for my FTTH. Mikrotik's RouterOS works well enough but I would love to move my home network's routing to using F/OSS software.

Is there something like that in the market I should be looking at?

scrap the SFP PCIe NIC idea, seems like most of the stuff in that market is SFP+, only thing I can find with a quick Google search is using a Realtek chipset and is also ~$250 CDN.

probably will need to use a SFP->RJ45 media converter like the TP-Link MC220L, one of those is $45 CDN

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@staticsafe I was going to suggest the Intel x710 series, I use them everywhere for everything. but looked it up on newegg, and they're like twice that... so nvm.

perhaps this was a wasted toot. there is no information in it other than I considered that I might be helpful, but am not.

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