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Tim Horton's now has burgers...

They only have Beyond Meat burgers, and I do like those, but something about Tim's selling burgers just seems wrong. Of course, very few of their recent menu changes have made much sense.

Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches? Sure! Tiny, overcooked chicken strips? Uh...why?

@ink_slinger tim hortons used to have a pretty reliably good menu and now it's just chaos and dice rolls every time i walk in

@Shadejackrabbit @ink_slinger can't even rely on their coffee anymore either.

I don't feel so bad about not going anymore since the Brazilian buyout, and basically only goto starbucks if I'm out for a fast coffee (especially since switching to non-dairy)

at least their employees can make the same coffee for me every day.

@thurloat @ink_slinger they still have a few staples that keep me in. i'm a frappe fiend and iced capps are basically the cheapest frappes in Toronto while still being pretty good. I can't find anywhere else which serves a cheap breakfast sandwich on a biscuit, and donut shops are far too rare.

I actually really like Coffee Time as a chain but they're kinda rare in comparison

@Shadejackrabbit @thurloat They still do breakfast pretty well, as fast food goes. That's the one thing they haven't messed up.

@ink_slinger @Shadejackrabbit IMO A&W does best best fast food brekky. always seems fresher

@thurloat @Shadejackrabbit I don't like that they use hamburger buns for the breakfast sandwiches. Too bready for me. But still pretty good.

thurloat ๐Ÿ“Œ @thurloat

@ink_slinger @Shadejackrabbit they do english muffins too here

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@thurloat @Shadejackrabbit Maybe they do here, as well. It's been literally years since I went to A&W for breakfast.

@ink_slinger @Shadejackrabbit @thurloat I have never been there for breakfast. Can't say it's high on the priority list. :)