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I wrote a thing about why I believe the best and most useful decentralized applications are going to be the ones that utilize multiple protocols. I imagine a world where ActivityPub, Dat, and Secure ScuttleButt are all seen as tools in a toolbox rather than as ecosystems, and what kind of amazing software we could build with them outside of the central/corporate paradigm.

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@darius I really love this sentiment, and it makes sense from a practical point of view as well.

For example, I ran into an issue using git-ssb where I had no real place to share releases in a decentralized way for the ssb users who I was sending it out to. I ended up using webtorrent and considered doing it over DAT but wasn't ready to dive into that stack yet and seemed like a bit of a "betrayal" of the ecosystem as some people see them as competing ecosystems.

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