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While trouble shooting, I noticed that the new guy in lab has some sort of a shell extension that autocompletes “rm -“ to “rm -rf”. I told him that this is terrifying and possibly cursed. I’ve added “double check permissions” to my todo list.

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@sconlan add an alias for `rm -` to `logout`

scary stuff

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Super Bash neophyte here so excuse the question if it is dumb.

Why would anyone want to do that?

I had to google it to be certain but I understand what "rm - rf" does but not why someone would want that to be the default use for rm...

@FssOfDeath @thurloat what I gathered from talking to him is that he has fallen into the habit of always using rm -rf so that he doesn’t get warnings when deleting directories that aren’t empty. He does it so much that his shell suggests it (I don’t know what he is using for the suggest function).

I told him that this was bad. To stop. To read up on why some people do the exact opposite and alias rm to “move to trash directory”.

Kids these days

@FssOfDeath @thurloat two other points:

- This drive isn’t backed up because its massive and not intended for long-term data storage. It has redundancy/RAID but that’s not the same as backup
- I think he said something about using c shell. Maybe there’s a way to get that shell to suggest commands from history? This wasn’t a tab-autocomplete issue. I’ve, honestly, never seen command suggestion like this before.

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My experience with Linux and Bash may be limited but I've been messing around with that kind of stuff long enough to know that mass deleting stuff without control or thought is god awful idea.

It's like coding without comments because "you'll remember"...