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So this is how we're going to defeat facial recognition in public spaces, right?

Everyone starts wearing bonkers face makeup so you can't distinguish the contours of your face.

@thurloat It's like the crazy "camouflage" on WWI battleships, that was supposed to make it hard to figure out which direction the boat was actually moving (thus making it harder to take up a proper firing position and/or aim accurately). Everyone will start wearing crazy masks in public and only take them off at home or in trusted company.

@ink_slinger they'll all also have to be the same mask / makeup or be able to be randomly changed every time you go out.

wasn't there a kickstarter for super high quality masks of a guy's face for just this purpose .. a couple years ago or something?

@thurloat Good concept, but too expensive for most people, and I can't image the paper masks you'd get for the lower tiers would be effective...good for showing up at a protest, maybe, but useless for the kind of day-to-day use that is implied to be the purpose.

@ink_slinger Apparently haircuts that obscure face and even just some eye makeup is enough to fool most non-depth sensing algorithms.

So long as you modify or obscure 2+ of the key feature points (eyes, brows, nose, mouth, chin). I guess changing it frequently would still be an issue with that approach.

@thurloat False nose and a haircut that you can sweep down to cover your face, but then later sweep up to deny it's you...