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I have a web log. And a couple of donation websites. All are almost 100% outdated on some projects because I tend to prefer pen and paper for notes, and communicate with people off-list.

What good is open research and development? i tried it once, for a while, with a sort of notebook repository but I'm not very good with keeping commits logical when I don't have to. content falls behind. etc.
You could guess a million directions, doubts, weird thoughts etc. I'm okay with people reading all of it, it's just not kept up to date. I changed directions again, a couple of months ago, and it came as a bitter conclusion from experiments which weren't pushed entirely.
thurloat ๐Ÿ“Œ @thurloat

@ng0 IMO scuttlebutt / fits that usecase really well. You can thread together progress updates on projects, and have people involved/commenting/interacting in each log.

If you want a dedicated URI you can host a web proxy as well for your own content and customize the formatting however you like.

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