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thurloat 📌 @thurloat

I need to start this project so that I can close the 8 tabs of research i've had open for weeks.

the clutter is killing me!

@ink_slinger bring a camera, next national lampoon's vacation indie film?

TIRED: thinking of a clever meme
WIRED: magazine

@ink_slinger I've been considering this sort of setup for my family as well.

for 95% of the year, we don't need an offroad/backroad vehicle, or storage for a week's worth of stuff to live in the woods.

renting when required definitely seems to make the most sense.

feels like there's an opportunity for a community foss project to get involved with DoH (DNS over HTTPS) before cloudflare/facebook/google own the whole space

This brief outage brought has been brought to you by redis OOM.

@xvu data sceptic is good. Been enjoying recently, sparks a lot of good convos

@Modern_Industrial @allan sounds like red rover with a bye round. Neat!

Friends don't let friends use platter drives as root disks in 2018

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@Shadejackrabbit just get the guy in the nondiscript van outside to come in and continue petting while you leave. little known service that the feds offer.

@OMGTehAwsome if you're a fan of decentralization, pick basically anywhere cept' amazon and digital ocean.

there are a lot of regional clouds and vps companies, try and find one in your area to support your social scene :)

@Modern_Industrial i think that's one of the biggest draws of decent. to me, have a community, grow it, people care, participate, and nurture.

it's not about having billions of users, or click-through/engagement metrics, all about banding together to have our own piece of internet that we share.

Ah, 24 hrs with no spam reports! did we win?

@Toxic_Flange turns out my automatic bear poker didn't poke correctly.

*adds to the evergrowing list of shit to fix* :P