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@mpjgregoire @keithzg @FssOfDeath i certainly don't take that personally. you deserve to be connected to the greater network. if you leave behind your new handle, I can let you know when its been done, if you're ever interested in migrating back.

@ap236 since their upgrade to mastodon 3.0, our instance has been left behind.

There's a good thread on it here:

@mpjgregoire @keithzg @FssOfDeath sorry everyone, still no progress and no timeline to an upgrade to 3.0+.

my plate is overflowing these days. I can't foresee that changing in the next couple months.

@ThatGeoGuy there isn't at the moment.

I'm in the process of setting up a separate cluster of servers that I'm going to migrate everything onto then revisit what is deployed.

I've been wanting to try out pixelfed real bad

we appear to be back online.

hello performance!

rebooting for some maintenance. be back soon, moosetodon.

@jszym yep and yep.
peertube uses newer activitypub than our deploy supports

@honza lately, been using namecheap for registration and hurricane electric for DNS.

@ThatGeoGuy awesome! can't wait to hear about it.

unfortunately my laptop bit the dust and I had to get a new one before the pinebook pro was ready, so I probably won't be getting one in the near future.

still eyeing the pinephone for immediate consumption though.

@honza and you can already type out full sentences in dvorak!

@honza it's getting more and more popular, especially with activitypub gaining traction there's even more interoperability between services.

Bottom of the future bed is lined with seasoned bigleaf maple logs. This is gonna be a hugel-style bed in that it will use this wood to store carbon for future plant growth. The other advantage of doing this is the wood soaks up water during rainy periods and saves it up for the plants to access during dry spells. Next will come layers of finer-grained compostable materials like twigs, wood chips, leaves, grass clippings and plant trimmings.

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@mpjgregoire @fitheach long story extra short:

we forked pre 1.0 to add some community features and make changes, kept up with latest til around 1.4-5 upstream had a major refactor on both backend and frontend that would have needed almost all features be rewritten from scratch.

we backported many security and performance patches from upstream as time went on (including some initial AP support), but can't find the time or motivation to rewrite everything from scratch.

also, mastodon 3.0 removed ostatus, so no GS federation.

@sconlan @sconlan farewell friend! Radical town is pretty rad