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thurloat πŸ“Œ @thurloat

@sconlan jealous, we were out for about 8 hours yesterday

@sir wtf is a wawa? I can't even load, i'm IP banned for some reason.

maybe i'll just put a slice of bread in the microwave for a few minutes.

where can i buy a soft pretzel in the middle of the night?

@ink_slinger @Shadejackrabbit IMO A&W does best best fast food brekky. always seems fresher

@Shadejackrabbit @ink_slinger can't even rely on their coffee anymore either.

I don't feel so bad about not going anymore since the Brazilian buyout, and basically only goto starbucks if I'm out for a fast coffee (especially since switching to non-dairy)

at least their employees can make the same coffee for me every day.

"i'll just have a light soup for lunch"

*proceeds to dunk an entire loaf of bread in it*

@fribbledom did you print all in one go, or is it multiple pieces assembled?

this means you can do completely silly things like tape a chip to its pads on a circuit board or tape a ribbon cable to a memory card!

@ekaitz_zarraga If you can find it, Linus talks about it in his Prologue to "The Hacker Ethic" by Pekka Himanen

@mpjgregoire maybe check the journal to see if anything is having trouble waking?

i remember i had an old laptop that I had to add a systemd service to take down the nic before sleep and bring it back up after sleep. IIRC you hook into `Before=systemd-suspend.service`

all this unionized talk is leaving me feeling pretty positive.

@ink_slinger clarification: fav. sounding and playing outdoors

@ink_slinger I've used the Martin Backpacker quite a bit while travelling and camping.

it has a surprisingly full bodied sound, and nice light fret play.

I've used others similar out of other people's bags, and the martin is def. my favourite.

@ink_slinger per the july update post, i'll likely wait til' the second manufacturing wave to pick one up -- just because i don't want any first gen hardware quirks.

which they're trying to avoid, but i'm sure will crop up.

@krruzic perhaps missing the tone. reading through your thread gives off a "nazis are ok as long as they aren't near me" vibe. esp. your followups about blocking gab content in tusky.

google> We must send you a text to verify it's you logging in

google> But we don't have your phone number. Please give it to us now so we can send you the text

me> This is very secure and not at all a poor attempt at harvesting my phone number