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Keybase integration for XLM, finally a "killer app" for cryptocurrencies, or ridiculous way to send messages on the blockchain to each other throughout the day?

On a lighter note, my daughter put two pink flower clips in my hair this morning so I hope you're all looking extra cute too.

There's nothing wrong with muting and blocking people you aren't interested in interacting with.

Sometimes the fediverse can be a bit of a firehose, and its up to you to do some of that filtering. 🎉

more and more potential employers are asking questions like “who let you in here?” and “how did you get past security?”

we as millennials need to be prepared for this changing landscape.

Hello, My Name Is Java Sunmicrosystems, And You Might Remember Me From Such Films As "3 Billion Devices Can't Be Wrong" and "Researchers Find Critical Vulnerability in Java 7 Patch Hours After Release"

"try this great budget-friendly meat-alternative meal"

*add 3 avocados*

it's winter in canada smart-pants. avocado prices are up like 50%, might as well be substituting a bag full of Macadamia nuts.

@Supernova sonequa martin green kickin' butt is my guess

alright, Keybase has cryptocurrency (XLM + others via stellar network) wallet integration.

really decent user experience wrapped around it. the only thing that falls short is for people inexperienced with getting the currency in the first place.

@Steve12L hey friend, can you not use link shorteners in toots?

there's totally enough room in 500 characters for the full url, and mastodon UI will truncate long ones.

+ it doesn't give the link shortener service the analytics, and doesn't obfuscate the site you're trying to link to.

@thomasfuchs one thing I never noticed as a kid playing NES, and now returning as an adult -- the corners on the controllers are pretty unforgiving.

the sega genesis and snes controllers were a huge step in the right direction with UX

@Shadejackrabbit at least they'll have to understand the math behind bitcoin to make their blockchains on paper.

@Shadejackrabbit ah yes, preparing you for the post-apocalyptic rebuild by stripping you of modern convenience.

ever have a day that you're super productive, then the next day you're not burnt out but you can't accomplish anything because you marvel at how productive you were.

thus tanking your productivity

is there an open source & self-hosted computer vision / object recognition project?

something that does local processing on GPUs to tag images with different types of objects in them, and training with your own datasets.

@puresick hmm isn't this how passive RFID works? powered by a field generated by the reader and no battery.

though this could be powered by things other than the BT device its looking to connect with?