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I'm getting `500 Internal Server Error` on when using ??

@thurloat I can't seem to add this user.. help?! (Sorry if I'm supposed to already know how this works; I don't log in very often.)

@leonardr, HathiTrust doesn't seem to agree (yet?) that this one is in the public domain. Is that a known issue?

@DianeBruce @ben @kline @JordiGH @pounce
`nonicks.txt` has a link to `uniqueID.txt`. Here is an updated URL for that doc:

@DianeBruce Wow thank you! I've got some reading to do. :)

@ben @kline @JordiGH @pounce

Oh hi, ben. JordiGH is here, too. Neat. :)

ben, the original IRCv3 (15 years ago maybe?) proposals were ambitious. I don't know if this implementation you speak of is the 'real' IRCv3..

@DianeBruce Is that you Dianora? It's sebboh from on EFnet. Could you help us out? :)

I'm getting on a flight to Vegas tomorrow evening, heading to DEF CON 26. I'll be attending the *ARM eXploitation 101* and *Decentralized Hacker Net* workshops. Other than that, I guess I'll figure it out on the ground. :) I'll surely find some puzzles at my skill level. Holler at me via sebboh on Freenode in case I don't check mastodon until after I get back.

@trwnh @mayel I also have ethercalc issues. When I try to Archive the document, returns "Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt."

Was gonna post a pic, Friday night ya know? But Firefox Mobile won't let me login, and Firefox Focus won't let me post a pic... TECH SUPPORT!!

hey @gargron, I am giving a tour of Mastodon to my wife, and I explained to her that you are like Tom of MySpace.

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@Mainebot This is a RPI 3 B+ with found objects for the top and bottom of the case. the brass standoffs were found on Amazon.

hey @oct2pus when I view your toots on your intance, I see a 'pinned' one about MC. I don't know how to reply to it from here, sorry!! Anyway, you ever heard of Minetest? (Free Software minecraft clone)

@Algot With that in mind, do you or anyone reading this know what protocol your uses to speak to me I hope you enjoy my own humor :)

@Algot Hey Algot, thanks for your well crafted response to my follow. Rest assured, you are not my first follow. Apparently my follow count doesn't propagate across the fediverse. You might(?!) be able to see my other followers by visiting this resource with a client that speaks the "hyper text transport protocol (1.1) over transport layer security (1.2)"

Wow, this retro-computing service is both pre- and post- BBS era.