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Sean Conlan 🍺 @sconlan

So, I tried a while back because I like the idea of being able to verify identities.

Now, it’s trying to get me to start using Stellar’s crypto currency by “giving” away Lumens ( Anyone have an opinion on this? Seems like they are abusing people’s trust in an identity service to lock them into a crypto currency racket.

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@sconlan I had the same thing this week too. Mostly I'm ambivalent about it. From what I read lumens and the Stellar network have the best shot of being a usable crypto currency, but I'm not going to worry or invest time in it until I can use them reliably.

That said keybase has a great thing in their identity service and I am very much in favour of integrating it into more things.

@ThatGeoGuy @sconlan That was my take, too, Jeremy. Somewhat annoying.