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Sean Conlan 🍺 @sconlan

Anyone have a guide for switching mastodon instances that minimizes the gnashing of teeth? And maximizes continuity?

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@sconlan I don't know what you would want to do beyond exporting all your follows etc. from your prefs page and importing them in the new place? Maybe post an announcement or two first giving your followers a heads up. That's always a nice touch. I'm moving to x in a week. 3 days. Today...

@sconlan @ink_slinger did this recently. I seem to remember his mute lists didn't copy over, but otherwise seems like he managed fine.

@ThatGeoGuy @sconlan I opted not to copy my mute lists. I'm sure they would have copied over correctly had I wanted to do so.

But, yeah, I copied over my following and blocked lists and that was pretty much it. Some instances running newer software have an option to show that you've permanently moved to a new account, but making a public post and leaving it as your final post would work almost as effectively, I think.