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RIAA now says `total music revenue grew 18% to $5.4 billion in the first half of 2019, with streaming music accounting for 80% of industry revenues`.

That is the same RIAA that said music streaming will kill the industry, (along with cassette tapes, blank CDs & MP3s).

@MatejLach ...And how much of that revenue went to musicians?

(My guess: very little, because streaming pays notoriously poorly.)

@artsyhonker Yeah, also because of the way the publishing agreements tend to be written, where the music publisher gets something close to 80% of that revenue, since in their words, they took considerable risk, (uploading a file to Spotify).

@MatejLach Indeed. I recommend Bandcamp if you want to support musicians more directly!

Sean Conlan 🍺 @sconlan

@artsyhonker @MatejLach totally a bandcamp supporter but some albums are still associated with labels (marked in a black box in the upper left corner). I’ve emailed and a few artists to see how that works without much luck 🤷‍♂️. On the upside, the band Geoda emailed me directly to say thanks and ask my opinion about their music (it’s Awesome). Had a nice chat with them.

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@sconlan @MatejLach *nod* I imagine that the contractual arrangements between the label and the musician are, well, between the label and the musician.

Labels aren't inherently evil and there is a lot of admin musicians might like to outsource. But having the *option* of going DIY can be super important.