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Robert @opendork

Me, before having A/C: Hide in the basement if it's hot. Survive. We are strong!

Me, after: Oh no it's above 15 degrees better turn it on

I appreciate the weird furry musical but have y'all ever listened to any of the songs from Cats because the work required to shove the poems into the music written for them is pretty absurd at times.

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@fribbledom *Opens scroll, the bottom hits the floor and rolls out the door comically, still unravelling*

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Calling ur nan a scab online like a boss.

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Oh hey it's International Nonbinary Peoples Day, so shoutouts to all my enby pals. You're all dang fantastic

I can't stop gawking at angry pokemon gamers send help

@Shadejackrabbit You always deserve to live the good life where you can find it is my motto

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Twitter is down which is why the sun is shining, children are laughing, my pores are clearing up, etc

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Me, seeing a friend's video of their child breaking a pinata with a cartoon princess on it: Thank you for teaching your children the amount of respect they should show the ruling class.

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People who don't play Pokemon might think, because of the glut of fanart of almost all of them, that the Gym leaders have more than 10 lines of dialog. They absolutely do not. Some have less than that.

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@allan @nev @thurloat I feel generally that most flags are pretty ugly. Aside from my inherent distrust of nationalism when I see a country flag they're just boring at best. We, as a species, are bad at flags even though we invented them

Had to clean out the ol' laptop and replace the heat sink goop which had all melted away. Never had one live long enough to need this treatment so I'm happy