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Robert @opendork

@keithzg I'm not actually in St. John's so I get to go back to work while the people in the city have to remain inside. Never been happier to go back to work

Checking in from a blizzard-wracked hellscape to let everyone know Canadian Twitter got mad at the PM for buying donuts somewhere other than Tim Horton's ok cya

Probably the worst social situation I've ever been in was when I tried to explain horse_ebooks to normal people

@msh @ink_slinger I'm realizing that I need to keep in mind many people don't think about class much, so party is the closest thing they get. I make this mistake a lot forgetting that uh most people aren't ancom or whatever I am (I have no idea)

@ink_slinger I've thought about this more and I realized that having Pete as a federal conservative would feel like an improvement AND I wouldn't get met with "But we're on the SAME TEAM" when I point out he likes to bulldoze the homeless so I support giving him citizenship

I have been thinking a lot lately about getting enough fibre and how good socks are as a christmas gift. Folks I'm old now

@ink_slinger They want a guy that if you point out how much he sucks everyone starts yelling at you that you want Trump to win

I just spent a period of time wondering why no sound was coming out of my headphones until I remembered the things I had put in my ears were in fact ear plugs

Torn between watching Riverdale and continueing to exist in a world where you could tell me literally anything happens in Riverdale and I'd believe you

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Hey haven't been around much lately but I successfully paid a friend to make a song where the only prompt I gave was "egg whites" again.

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Science has yet to discover anything more distressing than when you have to hear about a youtuber

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I imagine if some distant alien society translates our transmissions they'll have an article like this