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Robert @opendork

Hey haven't been around much lately but I successfully paid a friend to make a song where the only prompt I gave was "egg whites" again.

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Science has yet to discover anything more distressing than when you have to hear about a youtuber

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I imagine if some distant alien society translates our transmissions they'll have an article like this

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@D6016 nothing worse than noisy overstimulating people*. Good luck!

*I mean there are but

Mainstream media out there trying to convince me that clown movie is not boring. Buddy I ain't buying it

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Me playing a normal game: I don't want to choose the mean dialogue options :(
Me playing Goose Game: I am the destroyer. I will climb to heaven and unseat God.

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trying to gauge interest for a small LGBT creative collective

it would be for LGBT peeps who Make Things (visual arts, performative arts, writing, coding of any kind) that are not part of a company or another big collective. I want to help build a network of people that can uplift each other and their work.

I can offer:
- a small mailbox under the main domain
- a subdomain
- a spot in the main domain, which would be a directory of creators


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Musing, being a furry in here Show more

Musing, being a furry in here Show more

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SO... we're so fucked again - they sold our condo and are kicking us out with barely any notice - right after all our car repair shit has drained ALL our money

please please PLEASE boost and crosspost this

here's the full story:

💔 💔 😩 😣 💔 💔

if you don't want to use gofundme - here's the raw accounts$luxotek

Meme of me walking with My Bullshit but turning to look at My Other Bullshit as we pass