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as the holiday season thunders down on us with the fury of a thousand pounding reindeer hooves, remember not to give a goddamn penny to the Salvation Army because they're homo-and-transphobic as hell

This is their cast if you're curious I think it is fun and funny

Yo a friend's podcast was offering to write a jingle for anyone who left a review so I'm an asshole and made mine about the concept of egg whites

The wind is gusting up to 130 km/h around here which is definitely not okay. Wind police arrest the wind for speeding

Ah yes, "The Game Awards" have begun. Now we can all enjoy being yelled at to vote again, but this time for video games and racist youtubers

Well there's a live-action Detective Pikachu movie happening and this is not how I expected my monday to go

Happy Remembrance day, the casualties of WW1 were tricked into fighting for rich powerful people to become more rich and powerful and we should yell at the politicians laying wreaths while pretending otherwise

In Zelda 2 you could turn into a fairy and fly through keyholes instead of using a key. I think about that a lot.

I want to post nice things sometimes but it's just a neverending torrent of bad takes and I'm just so tired.

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Getting to play Taiko no Tatsujin with Touhou music in the west is my weeb dream come true

I'm actually impressed at how well Toby Fox asking people not to talk about Deltarune worked. Not perfectly but not bad.

Today I got a lot of fun-sized kitkats in my house and a new game from Undertale man and so it's a good halloween

@ink_slinger I'm imagining people doing this with decks of Magic cards in a century now

I just want an anime catboy to hug is that so much to ask

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wait no I messed up the transparent layers abort

heck it made an avatar with that site thing and I'm gonna use it since I have no better idea atm

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