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Robert @opendork

Guess who said "oh no" out loud while alone watching someone fail in a video game streaming *sprouts dozens of thumbs, which all simultaneously curl inwards*

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I see the think tanks are blaming social media for the worldwide drop in happiness again and like, yes but not for the reasons they think.

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I want to try writing something like, light novel length. And maybe gay as heck but not horny. Then maybe I'll finally feel like I can show it to someone. Proooobably not but you have to just do things sometimes and deal with the rest later

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@Shadejackrabbit Ooh, where were you at? There's nothing around here, but at my current trajectory I expect to be at one within 2 years

I don't really play D&D but sometimes one of my friends who does will tell me things like "there's an item in 5e that can produce infinite mayonaise"

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Got an art commission for the first time to be a big wierd furry like I want to be. Probably will set a new profile pic from it at some point

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It's taken me a long time to start thinking I might not be neurotypical, but I'm literally sitting here on the verge of a new social interaction screaming "WHAT DO I SAY HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS" and maybe this should have occured to me sooner.

Hell yeah time for a Friday night diagnosing why things won't run!

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@Burr So glad I caught this ending live and that I only played for like 10 hours before I was good

There are two types of people: Those who are more upset that the Sonic the Hedgehog from the upcoming movie has white fur on his hands instead of gloves, and those who are more upset that Sonic the Hedgehog from the upcoming movie has two distinct eyes

The Garth Merengi quote about people using subtext people cowards has just become something I unironically believe at this point