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The best part about digital card games is watching people struggle when they see what random distribution actually looks like and I will never stop loving it

Why bother with fiction in a world where the Pinkertons are suing Rockstar for apparently depicting them too nicely

Gonna become a Bezos-like bajillionaire who controls all consumer goods on earth and then say you should be nice to people so all the jerks have to boycott capitalism.

Found someone on Steam forums complaining that a game was only in Japanese on the store, calling it "lazy." We have peak gamer.

This Cuphead run at AGDQ is a big source of "oh I never even thought of parrying that" moments for me

Me yesterday, a genius: My shoulder hurts. Lifting weights a bunch of times is probably a great idea

Dealing with sensory overload a lot lately, I am very quickly realizing why ambient music is good

@FssOfDeath Pottermore just tweeted it out yesterday but it was always there. In the lore. Waiting.

A lot of people are learning just today that wizards in Harry Potter used to poop their pants and magic the poop away and I'm sitting here feeling like the cool guy who discovered the hot new indie band before everyone else

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@ink_slinger They do not like seeing minorities experiencing happiness. It makes them very angry for reasons I'm sure they can't articulate.

@ink_slinger It's that tiny box that gave me great friends and connections and also makes me compulsively feed sadness directly into my brain

@thurloat Yep, I'm fine. It actually dropped 20cm on us overnight and is now starting for round 2 today. Hoping things are nicer tomorrow

Snow day on your first day back to work is a quality start to 2019

Happy New Year to you lovely people. Here's to surviving another one of them

2018: Black Mirror is an FMV game

2019: Black Mirror is a rhythm game with a ton of giant peripherals

2020: Black Mirror is Frog Fractions 3

Extremely tired of the concept of "must-watch/play/listen/whatever" and media canon where you have to see all the right big-budget stuff instead of having your own tastes and interests.

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nice economic system.... :eyeroll:
did your 𝘳𝘢𝘭π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨 𝘀𝘭𝘒𝘴𝘴 pick it out for you?😎

Happy Christmas to y'all, and double internet hugs for everyone having to deal with crappy family