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Robert @opendork

I am very torn between wanting to make an alt account where I'm just fully gay furry nerd and the thing where it would require effort on my part

You have escaped from the Forbes threat. Also, Happy Bearthday1

Mental Health Show more

Now that it's over, let's just everyone remember that they spent a decade watching a show where there was a character named Mance.

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I experience all of pop culture vicariously through people being mad about it.

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Me: Well I've read everything new on X site. Time to close this tab.

Me, immediately: Well I'm bored, I wonder what's happening on X site. Aw crap right.

Repeat into infinity

Offisite link, noted children's cartoon hit Arthur Show more

Offisite link, noted children's cartoon hit Arthur Show more

Cleaning the house! Feels good!

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Politics, not really sarcastic Show more

Rewatched the MST3k of Hobgoblins with the bf tonight and I'm really struck by how so many cheesy movies contain an absurd number of car-parking scenes.

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One of the unforeseen consequences of playing multiple mobile games is knowing exactly when Golden Week is happening in Japan.

I hope their allergy season isn't the same as ours because that'd be bullshit!

Banned from all wikis for creating "list of fictional animals in romantic relationships with human women" page