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Franny du Fresne @oldhat

It's been a super busy week and I haven't been on here much. Well, because of the work, my instance not working super well in Tusky (if I can't do mobile I end up shifting away), and how folks so far seem more content to like and boost instead of responding.

But good christ, I HAVE been busy. Book came out to stores a MONTH early and I'm running around.

Split between being 420 friendly and not minding when people partake even though I don't and wanting to shout at my neighbour to stop stinking up the damned lobby every day.

Adult status: Standing in my kitchen wearing an Animal Crossing tank top and pineapple boxer shorts eating a chocolate pudding cup.

Hi my name is Robin I'm a well put-together single lady looking for a woman who-

At any rate, watching the original Japanese Godzilla for the first time and holy crap it's SO much better without that shitty white newsman threaded in.

Anyone else having trouble accessing this instance on Tusky? Just can't log in with it.

100 words down. 600 more to go.

God damn it, I suck at this today.

And I gotta have about 5-700 words on this. Blegh.

41 words and three of the sentences don't even end. Christ, this is going to be a bit of a slog.

Ten minutes and already the procrastination is strong with me.

@rey Because to me that means you're looking critically at your own work and, while you may be putting it up against an unfair standard, you're also seeing aspects where you can see some room for improvement. Anyone in any field who doesn't think they can improve in any way is lying to themselves.

@rey Weirdly, I kind of feel that if you AREN'T dealing with impostor syndrome, you're doing something wrong.

Alright, my stomach feels like it's being stabbed, my upstairs guitar-playing neighbour is practising, I've already been working for about 12 hours and I have to start and finish a column before midnight tonight.


Ah the fun moment where I'm clearly at a loss in a hardware store and three staff members walked right past me to move on to asking dudes if they needed any help.

@jk Hi, hey, I'm the one responsible for today's version of it coming up. To be fair, I didn't think it hadn't been done before, nor did I think it was obscure, I just like that panel. I really had no idea that my mentions would be going crazy all day.

@CameronH1403 Thankfully no, she's fine, but I'm still going to enact revenge on Capt...ADMIRAL Kirk.