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Franny du Fresne @oldhat

Why is this not the official image of Mastodon yet

Celebrating the return of my desktop computer (which I'm referring to as 'my beloved wife' in full-on Ricardo Montalban accent for some reason) by getting on GOG and picking up Thimbleweed Park.

@Trav1sty Yeah, I mean, I've already cluttered it within five minutes, but it's still wonderful. :P

Set up the new night table. It's the perfect size.

@SpookyR I'd rather an "lol" or "cool" to be honest, but that's a personal preference.

@madswinther @Digitalyn Yeah, I can be guilty of it a lot too. I certainly could curb it a bit myself. :-)

@mikrosopht Yeah, that's one of the things I'm excited to see grow in certain instances. They're all very much like districts, each with their own way of doing things.

@Digitalyn @madswinther , Oh, I'm totally not casting any stones and I'm just as guilty of it as well. Sometimes you have nothing to say or to add, are introverted, or just busy, but want to send some small sign that you've acknowledged. I just get kind of bummed when it just halts in the middle of an exchange.

@maiyannah Yeah, if there's one thing we've learned from twitter and facebook it's that we're all adults and can sort things out and gosh, no problems ever happen there.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get the right to a platform wherever you go, particularly on someone's private instance.

@mikrosopht I'd be interested in seeing something like that work out. A lot of folks on here are likening Mastodon with early days twitter and while I remember those days as having no corporate entities taking over, I seem to recall people weren't as fast and loose with the fave button.

@mikrosopht but then I wonder how many people would actually engage.

So far have seen a lot of potential conversations on here just outright stop, ending with likes instead of continuing the exchange and that really bugs me about most social media platforms.

Oh wow, two federated toots in a row that aren't devs working out things on mastodon