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Franny du Fresne @oldhat

@oldhat IIRC the admin spouted some enbyphobic shit and got rightfully chewed out on it and then closed w.t out of spite.

Also, she kicked out the entire mod team because she disagreed with a suspension just one of them made, as opposed to, you know, actually talking it out first. They didn't go pro alt-right at all. >.>

@Jo Ah, okay, I was just trying to piece some things together and figured I was getting not-great info.

YEESH. That's a shame because it was a really good instance.

Hey youths what's the hip new instance these days

Realizing that I've said "Jesus, they're the LAST person I would give cocaine to" more times than I ever thought I would in my life.

Coming at you with that prime motherfucking content

@body I mean, my reasons stem from lack of really good mobile UI and the instance admin being able to just shut it down.

So, uh, any good alternatives to

Seriously, trying to read up on it and it looks like the admin had a panic attack and the mod crew were pro alt-right? What the what?

I HAVE RETUUUUUUUURNED TO-wait, what the fuck happened to

Netflix, you will never get me to care about Iron Fist. Quit trying.

@mattt Appreciate the intent, but SERIOUSLY not looking for religious comfort right now.

The fucked up guilt that comes when you find out a friend has been given six weeks max to live and you can't contact them because WHAT THE FUCK can you even say?

I finally brought my PS3 to my new place and I'm SUPER excited to play Fallout New Vegas and the Mass Effect trilogy again.

Had a dream last night about a crossbow that fired shovels and now I can't get it out of my head.

Look, I'm not here to tell jokes, I'm here to learn how to play the keyboard.

Woof, this weather, amirite? Just glooming the shit out of everything. If it was any gloomier it'd be...uh...I guess involved in the story of Requiem for a Dream somehow. I guess.

Yeah, I'll show myself out, y'all have a good night.