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Franny du Fresne @oldhat

Netflix, you will never get me to care about Iron Fist. Quit trying.

@mattt Appreciate the intent, but SERIOUSLY not looking for religious comfort right now.

The fucked up guilt that comes when you find out a friend has been given six weeks max to live and you can't contact them because WHAT THE FUCK can you even say?

I finally brought my PS3 to my new place and I'm SUPER excited to play Fallout New Vegas and the Mass Effect trilogy again.

Had a dream last night about a crossbow that fired shovels and now I can't get it out of my head.

Look, I'm not here to tell jokes, I'm here to learn how to play the keyboard.

Woof, this weather, amirite? Just glooming the shit out of everything. If it was any gloomier it'd be...uh...I guess involved in the story of Requiem for a Dream somehow. I guess.

Yeah, I'll show myself out, y'all have a good night.

Also not having chest pains when you're a week away from rent day. What's THAT about?

There are some things about being a freelancer that I'll never get about folks with regular office jobs.
1. All those vacations.
2. Mornings?
3. NOT going on a murderous rampage.
4. Free time?
5. Romanticization of freelance life.
6. Getting a regular and reliable paycheque(???)

@lizzycampbell I'm just hitting the finale storyline!

Never fails that the most comfortable in bed I am is five minutes after the alarm goes off.

Spending the evening in the living room listening to Adventure Zone. Lovely.

Got home late last night and wasn't sleepy, so rewatched some of Drive and jesus, after several months of feeling acutely lonely, it was wonderful to see someone else living that life. Reynolds is superb in it.

I'm livid that the McElroy Brothers were snubbed yet again.

I honest to god could not give less of a shit about Blake Shelton or People's Sexiest Whatever of the Year.